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mmhmm Advice: Build the best office for your virtual presentations

  • Team mmhmm shared some advice (Build the best office for your virtual presentations) on how to use mmhmm on their YouTube channel here.
  • Some very useful advice there, including equipment:
Lauren’s Equipment

Troy’s Equipment

Mmhmm Community Suggestions


Panopto Updates


Panopto will be making some updates this month and will be unavailable for a few hours on December 19.

Full details on the updates can be found here.

Tech Tuesday: mmhmm

Mmhmm is an exciting new interactive video presentation tool designed for educators forced (or actively embracing) teaching online.

The app launched recently, and already has several features that are perfect for online teaching – both live and pre-recorded:

  • Collaborative presentations: Two presenters can drive the same presentation in Zoom. Slide content is synchronized between both presenters, perfect for co-teaching and student feedback.
  • Mimics newscasts and television: You can add sophisticated background effects, video filters, slides, and movies to your presentations.
  • Record regular video or interactive presentations: Interactive presentations allow your audience to jump to particular slides in your presentation and change video settings.
  • Transparency effects: Rather than blocking slide content, you can appear as a hologram in front of your slides – so students can see you and your content simultaneously.
  • Laser pointers: Annotate slide content with laser pointers.
  • Works with Panopto, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more: You can use mmhmm to improve camera and sharing settings in videoconference software, or in your Panopto recordings.
  • And more…

Date: Tuesday November 17
Time: 12 p/m.
Location: Zoom

You can register

Best Practices for Online Learning: Ten Tips To Improve Your Online Course

A new Tech Tuesday has been posted to the site. You can access the video and resources here.

Zoom & Panopto: Classroom Recording

I have posted a video recap and resources from April's Tech Tuesday on "Zoom and Panopto," which largely focuses on how to use those tools to record in DePaul's regular classrooms. All can be found here.

DePaul's Strategic plan

About 70 people from across the university shared what excites them about DePaul’s new strategic plan in this new video.

34th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning

I am going to be presenting at the 34th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. You can find resources for each of my sessions on the site here:

Tuesday 7th August
So, they have asked you to teach an online course
Learn a framework for designing online instruction that improves learning and is flexible enough to work within any size budget or level of resources and support. Explore fundamentals of a “backward design” approach to identify and prioritize needs and plan for assessment, presence, communication, and feedback.

Thursday 9th August
Students, faculty, us: Collaboration at a distance
It is one thing to encourage distance learning, and another to create distance engagement and collaboration. Explore how we can work together with our students, faculty members, and colleagues.

Thursday 9th August
Overcoming barriers: How to increase faculty and staff buy-in for online programs
The first step in overcoming resistance to teaching online is to understand the obstacles and objections. Explore three key reasons that faculty and staff give for not wanting to make the move to online and learn about a framework that can help overcome the objections.


Important Update For Mac OS X Sierra Panopto Users


DePaul recently received this message from Panopto:

We wanted to let you know about a bug in Panopto for Mac that occurs on macOS Sierra (version 10.12). Specifically, when users hide or minimize Panopto for Mac during a screen recording on macOS Sierra, Panopto stops recording the screen.

What is the impact?
Panopto will not record the screen while minimized or hidden on macOS Sierra.

Are users running earlier versions of OS X affected?
No. Users running Panopto for Mac on OS X 10.11 and earlier are not affected.

How do I resolve this issue?
Download and install the latest version of Panopto for Mac.

Note: This version of Panopto for Mac does not display a live screen preview for macOS Sierra users, but the screen will be recorded (see image below). We are working with Apple on a change to restore live screen preview during screen capture recording.


Panopto Announcement for Softchalk Users


Information Services just sent out this email to Softchalk users here at DePaul:

"As you may be aware, there is a project in progress to migrate from Ooyala to a new streaming media and video system called Panopto. Panopto is a video streaming and video content management software that is fully integrated with D2L and will allow you and your students to upload and manage video content files for classes directly within D2L. The self-service availability with Panopto’s D2L integration will streamline the process for uploading content for the courses you teach.

If you have video content in your SoftChalk module and these modules exist in SoftChalk Cloud (e.g. they are not zipped up and unpacked in D2L), you will need to contact by September 1, 2016 to coordinate migration of your content. Fits staff will work with you to migrate the content into a space within Panopto and work with you to set the video permissions so your audiences can view them. Please note that a list of video titles will be needed in order to migrate the content.

On September 30th 2016, the existing streaming media systems will be retired and will no longer be accessible. All necessary content must be migrated into Panopto prior to this date.

If you have any questions about using Panopto in your class or if you want to provide students with the ability to upload video content, please contact for assistance."


Panopto Instructions


Panopto is the new video platform that has replaced Ooyala here at DePaul. It is a web-based tool that allows you to record, host, and share audio and video files. It is fully integrated with D2L. Both instructors and students have full access to Panopto.

Instructions on adding Panopto to a D2L course and embedding videos have been shared through DePaul's Teaching Commons.


Library's new streaming video purchasing policy

For online and hybrid classes, streaming licenses will be pursued upon request if the Library has an existing contract with the streaming vendor.  The Library will purchase a single year license, when available. For face-to-face classes, new streaming licenses for individual titles will only be pursued in exceptional circumstances, such as when multiple classes are all using the film. For titles that will be shown in a face-to-face class, the library will instead pursue a DVD copy of the film if the library does not already have one in their collection. 
The current exception to this policy is content the university has been licensing through
Swank. The model for Swank content is currently in transition. For Spring 2016 quarter the library is asking faculty members to limit their requests for Swank titles to films that are required viewing for all students and that must be viewed outside of class.  Starting in September 2016, the library expects to have a large suite of Swank films (approximately 150 titles) available to all DePaul users for the year.  This includes a large number of titles commonly requested in the past.  The titles in this collection can change from year to year but there will be less flexibility for mid-year additions.  As a result, the library anticipates having a much more limited ability to support new requests for classes during the year and will instead primarily rely on DVDs to fill these needs. If there are films you anticipate needing next year, that will be required viewing for all of your students and that will not be shown in class, please let Cynthia Petts (, the Collections & E-Resources assistant, know so that these titles can be considered for part of the suite of content next year.

PlayPosit - Interactive Videos

Josh Lund from FITS just shared a very intriguing resource with me: PlayPosit, which allows educators to create videos with embedded quizzes. PlayPosit appears to be a free service, with paid premium options.

For the right faculty, this looks like a great option to ensure that students are following along with the content for their videos.

DePaul: Urban Educated. World Ready

It is Blue Demon Week here at DePaul. To celebrate, here is the first of four videos that shines a light on the DePaul experience.

iTunes U News

iTunesU update

DePaul University has been using iTunes U for several years now. We have used it in two ways:

  1. Sharing public videos that anyone with an Internet connection can download.
  2. Sharing private videos for individual classes at DePaul. Here, only registered students can access and download the videos. Campus Connection is used to update the list of registered students.

The option to use iTunes U for private videos will be discontinued by Apple on Tuesday 1st September 2015.

Wen-Der Lin of MPT (Media Production and Training) has created a set of instructions on how to download content before the private videos are deleted at the end of this month:

In order to retain the material that you have uploaded to iTunes U, you will need to archive your material following the procedure outlined below. To ensure all data is preserved, MPT will also be archiving all content on DePaul private sites. This content can then be uploaded to a DePaul streaming server. MPT is able to assist with helping you place this material on the streaming server. For assistance please contact

Procedure for Archiving your material with your PC/MAC:

Step 1: Go to and login to iTunes U with you DePaul Campus Connect user ID and password.
iTunes U College

Step 2: After iTunes launches, go your college than your course and click on the course tag.
iTunesU Courses

Step 3: Click on "Get Track" button right next to the graphic and the download will begin. You have to repeat the same action within each tab if you have multiple tabs in the course.
itunes U Get Tracks

iTunes U Status

Step 4: To check the status of the download, click on the down arrow button at the upper right hand corner.
itunes U Download

Step 5: After download is finished, you may find your material in the following path:

  • Windows environment: C:\Users\Your User Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\iTunes U
  • OS X environment: /Users/Your User Name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/iTunes U/

Since downloaded material will be saved on your C drive or Main drive, please make sure that the C drive or Main drive has enough room for this download process. You may move the download material to an alternate storage device in order to save the space on your C drive or Main drive.

Please feel free to contact Wen-Der Lin at or call +1 (773) 325-7995 if you run into any issues with your content download.


The Name Above The Door

DePaul has put together a short animated video (The Name Above The Door) on DePaul University's Mission.

The video discusses the name above the door and what it means to be Vincentian, and the question "What must be done?"


College of Business: We are hiring a Video Producer/Instructional Designer

The College of Business is looking to hire a Video Producer/Instructional Designer. Those interested should apply via DePaul HR’s site here.

The basic details of the position are as follows:

General Summary:

This Video Production/Instructional Designer will assist the
Driehaus College of Business faculty and staff in designing, recording, editing and producing video material for online, hybrid and web-enhanced business courses. The position will also manage all Driehaus College of Business video content and assets.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design, record, edit and produce video material for online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses.
  • Manage all Driehaus College of Business video content and assets.
  • Create Driehaus College of Business reusable learning objects, and record selected events.
  • Edit, update and produce multimedia materials and learning objects.
  • Consult on best use of DePaul video technologies, multimedia materials and learning objects.
  • Showcase and market DePaul courses through electronic means and public events.
  • Future duties may require supervision of student workers and graduate assistants.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

  • College degree.
  • Video production expertise.
  • 5+ years of editing experience with Apple Final Cut Pro HD.
  • 5+ years of technical production.
  • Computer literate, with knowledge of video editing software, audio mixing, streaming technologies, HTML, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Skilled in lighting production, stage management and field production techniques and standards.
  • Skilled in visualizing and shooting concepts effectively.
  • Skilled in video pedagogy.
  • Ability to work some evenings or weekends.
  • Ability to periodically spend extended periods of time standing during filming.
  • Ability to move camera and lighting equipment in the studio and out in the field.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Business degree.
  • Experience in online course design.

To apply, please visit

Two-Minute Tour: Driehaus College of Business


VLC Media Player


DePaul faculty will be pleased to know that the VLC media player is now installed on all classroom PCs again (thanks to Joshua Luttig from IS for the update). The VLC Media Player is a “free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols.” - In other words it plays pretty much any video file out there.

On classroom PCs, look for it under:

Music & Video / VideoLAN


Vision 2018: Dedication to Excellence, Commitment to Community

All DePaul students, faculty, and staff are invited to the kick-off celebration of DePaul’s new strategic plan, Vision 2018: Dedication to Excellence, Commitment to Community. The last day to RSVP is Tuesday, Sept. 11.

The event is on Friday, Sept. 14 at 3 p.m., and will feature remarks from the president, a tree-planting ceremony, a great picnic on the Lincoln Park quad and much more. this will be lots of fun!

Newsline: Award for Kelly Pope and Rick Salisbury

Newsline has a nice piece about Kelly Pope and Rick Salisbury winning the 2012 Mark Chain/Federation of Schools of Accountancy Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award for their video documentary, “Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes.”

DePaul Associate Professor Kelly Pope and Video Producer Rick Salisbury have won the 2012 Mark Chain/Federation of Schools of Accountancy Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award for their video documentary, “Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes.” Sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the annual award is designed to recognize exceptional graduate accounting course practices and resources. Recipients present their work at the national Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting and the AICPA also makes the award winning resources available to accounting educators. The documentary features interviews with white-collar criminals and explores their motivations for committing financial crimes. It has been shown to students studying accounting at DePaul and other business schools around the country, as well as to accounting professionals. This is the second accounting industry award for the documentary producing duo. In May, Pope and Salisbury won a Contribution to Teaching Award from the Professionalism and Ethics Committee of the American Accounting Association.


Driehaus Video Introductions

With the College of Commerce’s name change to the Driehaus College of Business, there is an opportunity to update many of the videos we use. Above, is an example of the video introductions we use (from Kelly Pope).

You can find these introductory videos on iTunes U, D2L and on some faculty webpages. Look out for more exciting videos later this year.

Archiving Videos From Ooyala

MPT has asked that older videos be archived from Ooyala if not in use. Here are the instructions they have provided for doing so:

In order to download your original files form Backlot, you will need to create a source MRSS feed. Source MRSS feeds will allow you to download or distribute the files that were originally uploaded into backlot. Please follow these steps to create a source MRSS feed:

1. Log into Backlot

2. Go to "Publish tab" and select "external publishing" (sub tab) 3. Locate the drop-down menu at your left and choose "Source MRSS", then click the "+new" button.

4. Fill in the required fields: Name, feed title etc.

5. Select a specific label (only videos in that label will be included in the feed), or select "all content".

6. Copy and paste your feed URL into your browser (We recommend to use firefox) 7. Click on the "source redirect" link to download your source file.

It is important to mention that the file will be downloaded without an extension. Therefore, you should rename the file and assign the appropriate extension before playing it.

You can paginate to access the rest of the source feeds. To "paginate" beyond the first 500 results, you may use the query string parameter "offset=xxx", which means you would need to append &offset=500 to get to the next 500 entries. For example, a Source MRSS feed would appear as


How The Internet Works

A nice little video that explains packet-switching and how the Internet works (to a certain degree):


Kelly Pope and Rick Salisbury Win Award

Crossing the Line Trailer from rsalisbu on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Kelly Richmond Pope (Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy)and to Rick Salisbury (Video Producer for the College of Business)! They received the ‘Best Contribution to Teaching Award’ from the Professionalism and Ethics Committee and Public Interest Section of the American Accounting Association for their work on ‘Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes. This award will be presented at this year’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.


PBS Frontline's "Money, Power and Wall Street" To Use In Your Courses

Watch Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

PBS Frontline's "Money, Power and Wall Street" documentary has been made available online. PBS has made all four hours of video embeddable - you can take the code and add this to your Desire2Learn courses. The video is available here.

Kaltura - coming to DePaul in 2012


DePaul will be integrating the Kaltura video content management system with SharePoint and Desire2Learn this year. This promises to be an exciting addition to DePaul’s roster of technology tools – and will improve the productivity and efficiency of faculty and students. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how faculty will now be able to upload and integrate video lectures and feedback directly into Desire2Learn.

Rick Salisbury has sent me a link to a page at CU-Boulder’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), which provides an overview of their Kaltura/Desire2Learn integration. This should give you an idea of what is possible.


DePaul Classics Streaming Collection

DePaul’s library has a series of twenty classic films that are now available in streaming format to add to your Desire2Learn classes. For more information please visit the library’s website.

Crossing The Line


DePaul’s School of Accountancy and MIS will be screening a new documentary film in February. Crossing The Line documents how ordinary people fall victim to white-collar crime at various points within their professional careers. Crossing the Line is a unique film as it offers the viewer the opportunity to hear convicted white-collar felons describe their crimes, corporate pressure, prison life and life after conviction.

WHEN: February 24, 2012 5pm followed by a Q&A session
WHERE: DePaul University College of Communication Theater
(Located in the building basement)
14 E. Jackson Blvd. / 247 S. State
Chicago, IL 60604

TICKETS: Tickets are not needed for this event, however RSVP is required for attendance. Please RSVP by February 18th
to Sarah Musto at or 312-362-5207.

For more information contact: Kelly Richmond Pope, Executive Producer at +1 (312) 362-5821 or


University of Missouri Seeks to Limit Recording of Classroom Lectures

Via The Chronicle of Higher Education. This is very interesting:

“Under a policy change proposed by the University of Missouri, students who want to record classroom lectures would first have to obtain written permission from their professors and classmates, the Associated Press reports. Administrators say the intent is to protect “the sanctity of the classroom,” so students and faculty can freely express their opinions without worrying about their comments’ being posted online. The university was at the center of a controversy last spring after highly edited videos of labor-studies classes were posted online by the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.”


Crossing The Line

Crossing the Line Trailer from rsalisbu on Vimeo.

Kelly Richmond Pope (Assistant Professor, School of Accountancy) and Rick Salisbury (Video Producer for the College of Commerce) have collaborated on creating a white-collar crime documentary project entitled, "Crossing the Line: Ordinary People Committing Extraordinary Crimes.” The 90-minute film will be completed at the end of November.

Kelly has assembled a series of short vignettes and cases created from the documentary, which DePaul faculty can use in their courses. If interested, please contact Kelly for details.

A trailer to Crossing the Line can be found here.


Spy Watch

Below is a YouTube video that describes the basic functionality of a spy watch that covertly records video and takes still photographs. This is one of the gadgets that I will be demonstrating at this month’s Technology Tuesdays.


Practical Lecture Capture In & Out of the Classroom

Panopto is hosting a webinar on lecture capture on the 18th May. This sounds like an excellent webinar to join. Full details are below:

Practical Lecture Capture . . . . In & Out of the Classroom

5 Leading Experts from Across the United States Talk About More than A Dozen Effective Strategies For Lecture Capture

“Hear from and talk to users of lecture capture to learn how their institutions, faculty and students are using Lecture Capture software to enable teaching and learning in any venue. Experts from across the United States participate in this Customer Experience Forum. More than 5 experts and many use cases are provided during this Forum. Institutions: Cal State; University of The Sciences; University of Colorado; Concordia; Suffolk.”

  • Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2011
  • Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Chicago Time)

You can register here.

Visions of Students Tomorrow

Curt Bonk alerted me to Michael Wesch’s new video project. He has put the call out for students to submit video clips that chart their mediated life. This article at the Chronicle of Higher Education provides a little more context.

RealShow - free vodcasting tool for educators


Alaa Sadik (Sultan Qaboos University) got in contact with me today and very kindly shared information about RealShow. RealShow is a software tool that he developed to help teachers record their PowerPoint-based presentations.

The software is free to use. More information can be found at:

I will be experimenting with this tool soon. Thanks Alaa!


"debt-O-nator" Public Service Video

Indigo Productions e-mailed me to tell me that a DePaul student (Quinn Wilson) had received an honorable mention for competing in a Public Service Announcement video production competition sponsored by Indigo Productions, a video and multimedia company in New York, NY.

Update (March, 2012): Eric Wolfram emailed me (thanks!) and alerted me to the fact that the embedded video is now private, and will not play.

You might recognize some DePaul students and landmarks in the video.

Quinn produced his PSA for Barrack Obama's video challenge to support the President's healthcare reform.

More information about the scholarship can be found here

More about the winners can be found here

Eddie Davila: Supply Chain Videos on YouTube

I was lucky enough to meet Eddie Davila (Senior Lecturer at Arizona State University) recently. Eddie and his colleagues have created a series of engaging, educational videos that introduce and explain Supply Chain Management.

The videos are brief and well designed. What I think Eddie does excellently is present the information in a conversational manner that talks directly to the audience. His theatre background comes through strongly. Each video abstracts the information by filming against a white background and synching key animation and graphics to important topics. I get the impression that Richard E. Mayer’s research and suggestions were used in the design of these videos.

The videos are freely available on YouTube. I highly recommend you check them all out.


Jim Carey at Northwestern University pointed me in the direction of TokBox - a free video chat and messaging service. Works pretty well, and worth investigating.

The End of Publishing (via BoingBoing)

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