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MBA Primer Program: Social Media


I will be guest presenting on Social Media at the upcoming MBA Primer. The MBA Primer is a great DePaul program, that assembles a focussed series of topics taught by DePaul faculty (and folks like me). I enjoyed the session last year, and look forward to doing this again. Registration is open, and the message below should help you discover more.

I will be teaching on the 29th April (Naperville) and 1st May (Loop).

Register Today and Earn credit with DePaul’s MBA Primer Program or Entrepreneurship Primer Program DePaul University’s Management Development Center (MDC) offers a 15-week “mini-MBA” program that will keep you current in today’s changing business environment, enabling you to learn new business concepts and update management skills you already have for a fraction of the price of a traditional MBA program. The MBA Primer Certificate Program provides an overview of managerial theories and techniques, ideal for those looking to better understand business practices, update current skills or are contemplating enrollment in a traditional MBA or other graduate business program.

Taught by experienced industry professionals and faculty from DePaul’s prestigious Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, this program can also be applied as a credit waiver for one elective course if you continue with your MBA at DePaul University.

Register today. Classes begin March 11th in Naperville and March 13th in the Loop.

DePaul University is offering a 15-week Entrepreneurship Primer Certificate Program where individuals will gain a theoretical MBA foundation as well as practical, real-world skills to launch a business venture. The program is taught by DePaul faculty as well as experienced entrepreneurs, and is designed for leaders, corporate employees, and others with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Register today. Classes begin March 19th in the Loop.

For more information about MDC programs and offerings, please visit our website at or contact Eilish McDonagh at 312-362-5295. 


MBA Primer - Social Media

I will be providing a guest lecture on social media in the upcoming MBA Primer at DePaul. Here is some additional information for those of you who have not heard of the MBA Primer

Do you want to improve your business skills in 2014? Are you thinking about getting your MBA? Enroll in DePaul’s MBA Primer this February!If you’re interested in continuing your education in the field of business, then DePaul’s Management Development Center offers courses to set you on the right track.The MBA Primer Certificate Program will enhance your managerial skills and give you a better understanding of the latest business theories and practices. Taught by industry experts, this 15-week program will give you an overview of the fundamentals taught in a traditional MBA program.Here’s what one of our students has to say: “DePaul University’s MBA Primer Program gave me a fresh perspective on the latest thinking in business. It was truly an investment worth making and has already paid dividends in helping me grow our business.” –National Business Manager, Waste Management Inc.The next program begins on February 4th at DePaul’s Naperville Campus and February 6th at the Loop Campus.Not sure if the MBA Primer Program is right for you? Why not come to our FREE MBA Primer Information Session on January 22nd from 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Loop Campus to learn more? Instructors and program staff will be there to answer your questions about the prerequisites and benefits of DePaul’s Primer programs.


Social Media Demographics and Open Graph

Kris Gallagher shared some great social media resources this week. Reposting them here:

Here are two articles about social media demographics: 

Here’s some articles about Facebook’s Open Graph capability:

Social Media Week: September 23 - 27, 2013


My colleague Doug Lee Miller is on the Advisory Board for Social Media Week in Chicago. This is a reminder to look out for some great events hosted at DePaul (and other venues). An agenda should be up soon...


DePaul Photo Of The Day


The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) has come up with the Photo of the Day for the month of May. DePaul students (and staff and faculty) may want to tag their tweets and Instagram pictures with #DPUPhoto.

The topics for each day in May are:

1. Involvement
2. Office of Student Involvement
3. Study
4. Service
5. Gadgets
6. Recycle
7. Leadership
8. Relaxation
9. T-shirt
10. Mentor/Professor
11. Food
12. Dibs
13. Quad
14. Blue Demon
15. Letter
16. Community
17. Ticket
18. Style
19. Red
20. Class
21. Swag
22. Blue
23. Sports
24. Smile
25. Commute
26. Culture
27. Chicago
28. Stress
28. Campus
30. Socially Responsible Leader
31. Vincentian


Insights2 - Department of Management at DePaul University


Insights2, the new blog for the Department of Management at DePaul University has just launched. Set aim with your RSS Reader…
They also have a Facebook Page as well:
And/or you can follow on:


Tech Tuesday: Social Media Guide For Educators

social media for educators

The next Technology Tuesdays session will take place on the 25th September. This session focuses on:

Social Media Guide For Educators
Social media can be a useful tool for outreach, research, and student interaction. Learn what you can do (and what to avoid).

In this dynamic session we will cover:

  • Definitions and history of social media
  • Best practice
  • Social dashboards
  • Educational activities
  • New apps and social media tools to look out for

Date: September 25
Time: 10-11 a.m.
Location: DC 7406 (7th floor of the DePaul Center, adjacent to the Department of Marketing)

You can RSVP here.


Tech Tuesdays: Blogging For Faculty


Blogging is a powerful and efficient way of facilitating communication. It can be an effective means for your students demonstrate literacy, to engage with media, to opine, to cite, and to remix.

In this dynamic session, you will learn:

  • Which blogging software to recommend to your students.
  • How to avoid FERPA violations.
  • How rubrics can guide your students towards best practice.
  • Social media recommendations.
  • How to monitor student postings.

Location: DPC 7406
Date: Tuesday, June 26th
Time: 10-11 a.m.

To RSVP or for more information, please visit the Technology Tuesdays page.


Bliss Control: Manage all your social network settings


Bliss Control is a nice little website that provides (ifttt-inspired) links to configure your social media settings. Worth a look.


Facebook Changes For DePaul


Kris Gallagher has these suggestion to those of you at DePaul using Facebook Pages:

When you look at the new Facebook page design, you’ll notice that you can choose a large image and also specify your profile picture. We recommend that you maintain your current profile picture (which for many of you is the DePaul logo and/or optimized DePaul signature).

With the large image, there are a couple of factors to consider:

  • Make sure you have copyright permission to use the photo. If it was professionally taken, make sure you’ve purchased online rights from the photographer. If it was taken by a student, make sure you have the rights to use it.
  • Make sure it’s eye-catching and good quality. Some photos look fine when they are small but are grainy or otherwise unattractive when they are large. Luckily, you can preview them.
  • If you can, make it distinctly DePaul. Nearly every university can show a student sprawled in the grass studying. What photos do you have that make us special?
  • Remember that you can’t use images from DePaul’s website without permission from EM&M.
  • You can change these photos regularly. You may want to develop a set of images that you rotate.

DePaul Blue Demons has already made some changes to their Facebook Page - please take a look.


Impact of social media and technology on how and where we work, live and shop


DePaul’s Real Estate Center and the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development are hosting a conference on the impact of social media and technology on how and where we work, live and shop. The conference will take place on Feb. 29.

“Advancements in technology are shaping the way we develop, design and utilize space which ultimately influences the way we do business. This conference brings together innovative developers, designers, and creative consultants to discuss the impact technology and social media have on our use of physical space.”

  • What does that mean for the size, shape and number of stores needed?
  • How do property owners manage an influx of packages?
  • How do digital social networks translate into physical spaces in multifamily properties?
  • What effects does technology have on office space and furniture?
When: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012: 8am-12pm
Where: DePaul Center, 1 East Jackson Blvd. Room 8005 (DePaul University Loop Campus)
Registration Fee: $65.00
Optional Lunch Fee: $45.00

More information can be found on their events page.


Teaching With Technology

teaching with technology

Faculty Focus recently shared a free set of articles on Teaching With Technology, written by John Orlando, PhD. The articles are short and helpful - I think the advice may be of help to faculty and staff at DePaul. You can download a copy by following this link.

The articles within the document are:

  • Using VoiceThread to Build Student Engagement
  • Wikipedia in the Classroom: Tips for Effective Use
  • Blogging to Improve Student Learning: Tips and Tools for Getting Started
  • Prezi: A Better Way of Doing Presentations
  • Why You Should be Using Social Bookmarking Tools
  • Unleashing Innovation: The Structured Network Approach
  • Save Time and Teach Better with Screencasting
  • Integrating Social Media into Online Education
  • Using Polling and Smartphones to Keep Students Engaged
  • Lecture Capture: A New Way to Think about Hybrid Courses
  • Personal Learning Environments Help Students Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Education Remix: Unlocking Creativity to Boost Learning
  • Effective Uses of Video in the Classroom


DePaul Social Media Guidelines


DePaul’s EMM (Enrollment Management and Marketing) has posted the new Social Media Guidelines. This document was developed by Marc USA for DePaul’s Art Museum, and the modified somewhat to address the overall university audience.

You can download the PDF here.


VLinks Media


VLInks Media was nice enough to demonstrate their mobile social media solution for universities and students to me on Friday. I don’t see an immediate fit for Commerce online and graduate students at the moment, but I think this may be of interest to EMM and outreach to prospective students. However, I am taking a deeper look at their mobile apps….


Higher Education and Social Media

Douglas Lee Miller (DePaul’s New Media Manager for Career and Money Management) organized an event here at DePaul to be part of Social Media Week 2011 in Chicago. The topic of the event is a meetup/discussion about Higher Education and Social Media. Please spread the word. Event details can be found here.


Human Resources Guide to Social Media Risks

Human Resources Guide to Social Media Risks

Jesse Torres was kind enough to send me a copy of his new book “Human Resources Guide to Social Media Risks.” This well researched and easy to read book is timely and informative. I would highly recommend this to both human resources professionals and social media mavens.


DePaul Social Media Guidelines

DePaul Social Media Guidelines

The university created a set of guidelines for participants in social media sites managed by DePaul. These guidelines explain how the university expect commenters to behave on our sites, and what actions we will take if they violate them. For example, if people post ads for outside entities, DePaul will take them down. Those who post must remain civil or their posts will be removed.

You can see the guidelines at

The guidelines are designed to be applicable to any type of social media site.


Teaching with Twitter and Google Wave

I am due to present at the 26th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning on Friday, August 6th, 2010 (Teaching with Twitter and Google Wave). Somewhat ironically Twitter is down and Google has announced that it will discontinue Wave. So it goes.

The presentation is from 12:45 - 1:30 p.m. in the Hall of Ideas J. Come along and say hello.

Handouts and more information are on the website.

If Twitter works, then I will be tweeting with the hashtag #DTL_2010_jmoore

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

Justin Gillmar reminded me of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video PDF that American University’s Center for Social Media produced. I think it is worth reposting it here.

Social Media Club Chicago

Tim Mojonnier, who teaches in Management at the College of Commerce, has posted some recaps of Social Media Club Chicago that are worth reading (and responding to). You can find these on his blog.

Guidelines for developing DePaul Applications and Videos

University Marketing Communications has developed guidelines for the creation of DePaul applications and videos. The guidelines can be found here:


Social Media Marketing Conference: 10th June

I am making a guest presentation at the Clear-Cut Conferences’ Social Media Marketing Conference on Thursday June 10th. Full details and registration are available at:

The conference will feature segments from professors in the College of Communication and the College of Commerce. The proceeds of this conference will go to an on-campus organization that raises money for children in Northern Uganda (Invisible Children DePaul).

The conference registration fee is $79 for the public, but free for DePaul Students, Faculty and Staff.

Hope to see you there.

Naturally, I will be tweeting. I intend to use the #Clearcut2010 hashtag.


Jim Carey at Northwestern University pointed me in the direction of TokBox - a free video chat and messaging service. Works pretty well, and worth investigating.
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