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DePaul QM Star Award

DePaul has recently launched a new faculty recognition program, to recognize well-designed online and hybrid courses that have been produced through the DePaul Online Teaching Series (DOTS). The DePaul QM Star Award is presented to faculty who have received a perfect score of 95 in a DePaul Internal Quality Matters (QM) Review. The award also comes with a $250 payment.

More information on the FITS website.

Desire2Learn Timeouts


FITS has a new Desire2Learn message to share:

Late last week Information Services adjusted the timeout duration for D2L due to security issues with D2L in classrooms. The new timeout duration for D2L is 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes of inactivity a pop-up will prompt users to click “ok” to remain logged in to D2L. Inactivity in D2L is defined as not having clicked on a link inside D2L within 30 minutes. Users may need to enable pop-ups for D2L to see the warning in their specific browser.

We have encountered two specific cases when students may encounter the timeout notification:

  1. Students who are watching videos or reading materials may encounter this pop-up as they are passively watching rather than actively clicking.
  2. Users taking test may not have clicked links if the test is on one page. We encourage students to save their work after each question as doing so will not only save their work, but will also reset the timeout clock


DePaul Email on Android


I get the occasional question on how to setup DePaul email on Android smartphones. I don’t use an Android phone on a regular basis, but there is a very easy way to configure these devices - the process to do this can be found here:


Crossing The Line


DePaul’s School of Accountancy and MIS will be screening a new documentary film in February. Crossing The Line documents how ordinary people fall victim to white-collar crime at various points within their professional careers. Crossing the Line is a unique film as it offers the viewer the opportunity to hear convicted white-collar felons describe their crimes, corporate pressure, prison life and life after conviction.

WHEN: February 24, 2012 5pm followed by a Q&A session
WHERE: DePaul University College of Communication Theater
(Located in the building basement)
14 E. Jackson Blvd. / 247 S. State
Chicago, IL 60604

TICKETS: Tickets are not needed for this event, however RSVP is required for attendance. Please RSVP by February 18th
to Sarah Musto at or 312-362-5207.

For more information contact: Kelly Richmond Pope, Executive Producer at +1 (312) 362-5821 or


Interesting Personalized Marketing


I received a very interesting piece of personalized marketing yesterday - a wall calendar from XanEdu publishing. Faculty in the College of Commerce use XanEdu to create coursepacks and custom content. The calendar from XanEdu nicely reinforces the custom content, by providing images for each month that cleverly incorporates my name in each image. For example, January’s photograph has my name and initials embossed on a champagne cork. November’s image has my name on Millennium Park in Chicago (two levels of customization there - name and city). Anyway, I was pleasantly impressed. The best piece of marketing I have received this year (although the the year is only three days old).





Alaa Sadik got in contact with me over the holiday break to share information about his non-profit PresentationTube project:

PresentationTube provides a tool and network to help instructors, students, virtual presenters, and business professionals record, publish and share quality, accessible, and interactive video presentations for free. Please read more information and watch showcases at

Faculty interested in using free learning materials should take a look.

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