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DePaul Major & Minor Fair


On Wednesday, April 24th, DePaul will be hosting the annual Major & Minor Fair. This is a great event which allows undergraduate students the opportunity to explore more than 100 major and minor options that we offer at DePaul.

You can RSVP here.


Udacity and San Jose State University

Sebastian Thrun announced today that Udacity and San Jose State University are extending their for-credit pilot this summer.

Anyone that enrolls and completes the pilot courses will get SJSU credit. In his words:

“For just $150, you’ll get transferable college credit in key general education subject areas such as: Intro to Programming, Intro to Psychology, Elementary Statistics, College Algebra.”


Custom Grading in D2L

Josh Lund (of FITS) recently shared a way of custom grading in Desire2Learn. In Josh’s words:

I was facing a strange gradebook question this afternoon, and came up with something you all might like, if you ever are in the same situation.

The setup:
I've got an instructor who is giving two versions of each exam online, and wanted the online version of randomly passing out a different exam to different students. To facilitate this, we have the site set up to:

  1. Assign students randomly to two groups (A and B), each of which has its own exam, and there is a different set of randomizing groups for each set of three exams.
  2. I've used release conditions on the grade items, the quizzes and the link from content so that the students will only see the stuff they are supposed to see as a group member.
  3. In order to make the weighting work in the gradebook, I have made a category for each exam that has the two A and B versions, set to drop the lowest grade.

I needed to test this because I wanted to make sure that a student taking the exam wouldn't see their exam grade as just half of the weight for that category (each of these exams is worth 25% of the grade).

I found that it does work, with one caveat: you have to set the gradebook to "
treat ungraded items as 0" rather than drop ungraded items. If you set it to drop ungraded, the student taking the exam will see all their grades for the exam as dropped because you have not put in a points value for the other exam yet (and they can't see and take the exam that wasn't dropped).
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