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MPT Videos For New (And Existing) Faculty

DePaul MPT (Media Production and Training) has created some extremely informative and entertaining videos for new faculty. The first video provides new faculty with an overview of what they need to know on their first day:

The second video explains how to use classroom technology:

Although both videos are designed for new faculty, existing faculty (and staff) can still gain some knowledge from watching them.

New DOTS Session


The DePaul Online Teaching Series (DOTS) is a faculty development program that trains and assists faculty to become successful facilitators of online learning. The program has been operating since 2008, and empowers DePaul faculty via an immersive, hands-on training experience. Faculty are introduced to online-learning best practices, innovative use of technology, quality standards for course development across all delivery formats, and are guided through the development of exemplary course sites for online and blended instruction. Numerous Commerce faculty have used the DOTS program to launch highly regarded online and hybrid courses.

The program also provides faculty with:

  • Technology Kit that includes a tablet PC or MacBook, web cam, headsets, and software
  • Knowledge and skills to facilitate online learning
  • Stipend of $500 at beginning of training and $1000 at completion of online/blended course delivery and course review.
  • Certificate of Completion with letter of commendation from the Provost
  • Course design support from Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS)

Two new DOTS sessions have been scheduled, and seats are already starting to disappear. I highly recommend that Commerce faculty consider applying before it is too late. The upcoming sessions are:

Spring 2012 DOTS (quarter-long format): Apr 13 through May 25

Application Deadline: Dec 2nd
Acceptance/rejection notification: Dec 9th

Faculty can apply for the Spring 2012 DOTS at

Summer 2012 DOTS (three-week intensive format): June 11 through June 29

Application Deadline: Mar 30
Acceptance/rejection notification: Apr 6
Faculty can apply for the Summer 2012 DOTS at

More information about the schedule can be found at


ACE Workshops for Commerce Students

ACE Workshops

The Writing Center, the University Libraries, the University Counseling Services Center, and the Career Center at DePaul University have collaborated to offer a variety of ACE (Actively Choosing Education) workshops for Commerce students this quarter.

Time Management

(DePaul Center, Suite 8500)
Thursday, September 29 5:00-6:00 PM
Monday, October 24 12:00-1:00 PM

Time management is the key to get yourself organized and the quarter off to a good start! Learn how to prioritize, develop an individualized schedule, and brainstorm timesaving strategies by attending this workshop.

Study Skills

(DePaul Center, Suite 8500)
Wednesday, September 28 5:00-6:00 PM
Tuesday, October 25 12:00-1:00 PM

The study skills workshop will provide you with tools on note-taking, test anxiety, exam preparation, textbook reading and much more! Also, learn more about how to maximize your personal learning style.

Personal Statements and Cover Letters

(Lewis, Suite 1600-Writing Center)
Wednesday, October 19 12:00-1:00 PM

During this interactive workshop, Writing Center tutors will provide an introduction of cover letters and personal statements, as well as strategies for writing in these two similar—but significantly different—genres. Topics to be dis-cussed range from general concerns, such as structure and word count, to tone and diction. Attendees should feel free to bring any questions, as well as cover letters or personal statements in progress.

Anxiety and Stress Management

(DePaul Center, Suite 8500)
Wednesday, October 5 4:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, November 10 4:30-5:30 PM

We will learn practical ways to manage test anxiety before, during, and after an exam. This is a great workshop to learn how to manage your stress as we approach midterms & finals!

Major Decision Workshop–Commerce Majors

(DePaul Center, Suite 9500)
Wednesday, November 2 4:30-5:30 PM

Learn about the College of Commerce majors and minors and the career paths associated with each. Discover new resources that can assist you in your decision making process so that you are an informed decision maker on your interests, skills, and possible career paths.

Researching a Company, Industry, or Business Concept

(DePaul Center 11th floor, Room # 11-013)
Wednesday, October 5 12:00-1:00 PM

Scheduled in time for end-of-the-quarter research projects, this interactive workshop will review practical strategies for narrow-ing research topics, for devising and refining productive re-search questions, and for using databases to locate authoritative sources of information on companies, industries or concepts. Bring your assignment!

Students register by Contacting CUPO: or +1 (312) 362-5358

Comments ranks DePaul "20 Incredible Colleges for Special Needs Students"

Best Colleges Online has ranked DePaul university as one of "20 Incredible Colleges for Special Needs Students.” This is nice to hear, as DePaul prides itself on providing the best possible education for all students. ranks DePaul at number 13, and has this to say:

“The Chicago chapter of this Jesuit-run school wants to ensure that all students, even those with special needs, get the help they need to excel. Participants can seek out help at the Office of Students with Disabilities, but for additional support, the school’s PLuS Program is a must. The Productive Learning Strategies Program is designed to assist with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, Asperger’s, OCD or bipolar disorder. Throughout the school year, students in the program will get support, tutoring, advocacy and counseling time with an LD specialist.”

Although some at DePaul have referred to it being a Jesuit institution in the past, it is more correctly a Vincentian University. I hope is able to make a correction in the future (but thank you for the recognition, which is appreciated).

Here are some of the student services they mention. All are worth a visit:

Office of Students with Disabilities

PLuS (Productive Learning Strategies Program) Program

Update (2:30PM) has corrected their information on DePaul to:

The Chicago chapter of this Vincentian school wants to ensure that all students, even those with special needs, get the help they need to excel. Participants can seek out help at the Office of Students with Disabilities, but for additional support, the school’s PLuS Program is a must. The Productive Learning Strategies Program is designed to assist with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, Asperger’s, OCD or bipolar disorder. Throughout the school year, students in the program will get support, tutoring, advocacy and counseling time with an LD specialist.


Josh Lund: New FITS Consultant to the College of Commerce

Josh Lund

We are pleased to announce that Josh Lund is the new FITS Consultant to the College of Commerce, replacing Jan Costenbader.

After completing a B.M. in Music Theory/Composition at St. Olaf College and an M.M. in Composition at Northern Illinois University, Josh spent six years teaching instrumental music at Elgin Academy, William Penn University, andCentral College and working as an active performer and clinician before returning to Illinois to complete a second master’s degree in instructional technology at Northern Illinois. A life straddling two different disciplines, technology and the fine arts, has led him to researching teaching technology in the collaborative arts, multimedia and recording technologies, interoperability of hardware and software components with alternative operating systems, and interactive-whiteboard technologies.

Josh enjoys cooking, travel, and the outdoors, particularly when his wife Clare is also involved.

Josh’s contact information is:

Location: DPC 6316, 1 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604
Telephone: +1 (312) 362-6689


Wimba and Browser Advice from FITS

FITS has this to say about Wimba and browsers:

Please be aware that systems (like D2L and Wimba) are not always able to keep up with the most recent version (many of them Beta) of popular browsers. For those of you using Wimba be aware that the most recent version of Firefox is not supported by Wimba.

For D2L browser compatibility see:

For Wimba browser compatibility see:

Millennium Park Project

Recently, DePaul’s College of Commerce produced an exciting video to accompany research on the Quadruple Net (economic, social/cultural, environmental, and sensory) value of Millennium Park in Chicago. The methodology is based on the book, Urban Design and the Bottom Line, by Dennis Jerke (published by the Urban Land Institute in December, 2008) and was used by graduate students at DePaul University (Department of Real Estate) and Texas A&M.

I think you will find this video extremely informative. We will be using this in classes here at DePaul. The video will also be used in classes at Texas A&M, as well as some conference presentations taking place over the next year.

Images provided by:

  • Chicago Works
  • Larry Orkent & Orkent Associates
  • Chinese Fine Arts Society
  • Chicago Public Library
  • Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture
  • Summit Productions
  • Jeff Carrion
  • Monika Thorpe
  • Rick Salisbury
  • Ryan Mikulenka

Congratulations and good work to everyone who collaborated on the project! Video production capably performed by Commerce’s own Rick Salisbury.

DePaul TLT Social Bookmarks


Massimo Di Pierro, who co-chairs TLT (DePaul’s Teaching, Learning and Technology committee) along with Bob McCormick, has started using a social bookmarking system (diigo) to store links relevant to TLT. Massimo’s public repository can be found here:

TLT’s charge is:

To provide a forum for faculty, academic support staff, and Academic Affairs/Information Services representatives to evaluate the current functioning of course based and research technologies as well as to recommend the adoption and funding of new or expanded technology solutions in direct support of the academic enterprise and Vision twenty12.


Pour - Book Launch Party & Signing

Some very good news to share… A former MKT 595 student (Lauren Young) went on to start her own marketing firm after finishing at DePaul, and just wrote her first book. Congratulations Lauren!

Lauren is hosting a Book Launch Party & Signing on Tuesday November 8th at Catalyst Ranch

Hoping that current and former students (and professors) can show their support at her event. Details can be found here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CT)

Catalyst Ranch
656 West Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60661

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Learning with iPad (Technology Tuesday will actually be a Thursday)


The upcoming “Learning with iPad” presentation by Apple, Inc. will now take place on October 6th from 10-11 a.m. in room DPC 8010

See how the iPad is making learning more engaging and accessible than ever. Please join us for ‘Learning with the iPad’, a session to discuss Apple's mobile strategy with the iPad and how it is beginning to change education. With numerous education applications, as well as strategies for textbooks, research and integration, the iPad is becoming a tremendous tool for 21st Century Learning.


  • • Overview of the hardware and included software
  • • Update on educational apps available for the iPad
  • • Overview of the iBook app and store, ePub and other Textbook / eBook readers
  • • Video Mirroring with the iPad2.
  • • Paperless workflows for Education
  • • Device management and deployment best practices
  • For more information, and to RSVP, please visit the Technology Tuesday page.


Turnitin and Blackboard Miscellany

The weekend saw me the recipient of two very interesting email alerts. First, Massimo DiPierro shared a great discussion and article found on Slashdot. The article (written by David E. Harrington) highlights how Turnitin offers what might be seen as a disingenuous service (WriteCheck) where students can discover if a document they intend to submit will raise flags in Turnitin’s database. I don’t see many faculty being happy about this…. The article and discussion is worth reading.

Later, Beth Rubin shared an article (Blackboard: A Tale Of 2 Companies) that explores Blackboard’s finances and future. Again, very interesting reading. Wondering if Blackboard will offer a rebuttal.

VLinks Media


VLInks Media was nice enough to demonstrate their mobile social media solution for universities and students to me on Friday. I don’t see an immediate fit for Commerce online and graduate students at the moment, but I think this may be of interest to EMM and outreach to prospective students. However, I am taking a deeper look at their mobile apps….


Soapbox - Presentation/Teaching Tool for Educators


Raman Chadha (of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center) sent me information about a new presentation/teaching tool that looks interesting. Soapbox is “designed to help teachers and speakers better engage their audiences and assess their learning.”

I have seen other tools (or combination of tools) so something similar (i.e.
clickers, Twitter, Poll Everywhere), but I think I will give this a shot (and have signed up for an account). Waiting to see how well this works. The one piece of advice I have for the software developers is to employ a different voice for the demo video (see below) - more enthusiasm would be appreciated…..


Wacom Inkling - Another Smartpen

Wacom is releasing a
smartpen this month that I plan to take a look at. The Inkling may not be usable as the Papershow smarten for live digitization and recording, but the level of accuracy (and Wacom’s track record with tablets) make it worthy of consideration


Another Smartpen - Apen's A2 (and A1 - A4)


I have been looking into smartpens again. I carry the Livescribe Echo smartpen with me, which is useful for taking notes at meetings (and sharing pencasts with students), and use the Papershow smartpen for live and recorded presentations, but I am always on the lookout for something new. Apen’s A2 smartpen looks like something I would like to work with. There are four variations on the smartpen that the company sells, and the A2 is closest to my needs. The pen works with any paper (rather than the dot paper that the Livescribe and Papershow smartpens need), with the digitized content received by a combination of table-top device and a USB cable.

Anyway, I give a basic overview of how I currently use my existing smartpens
here. I plan to compare some of the various devices on the market later in the year.


Higher Education and Social Media

Douglas Lee Miller (DePaul’s New Media Manager for Career and Money Management) organized an event here at DePaul to be part of Social Media Week 2011 in Chicago. The topic of the event is a meetup/discussion about Higher Education and Social Media. Please spread the word. Event details can be found here.


Timeslicing in the Classroom

Beth Rubin of SNL shared a great piece on Timeslicing in the Classroom from the Tomorrow’s Professor Mailing List that lists various ways that students use current technology in the classroom. The essay is reprinted here and it well worth a read. Some faculty may find some of the technology uses a little scary….
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