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DePaul's New Mission Statement

DePaul University has a new mission statement. More information can be found here.

DePaul Classroom Preferences

Each quarter, DePaul faculty can request the type of classroom they want to teach in. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the NavBar on the upper right corner -> select Navigator
  3. Click Self Service -> Faculty Center -> Instructor Resources -> Faculty Profile
  4. Select the correct term to obtain the list of classes for the quarter and click on Search
  5. Select preferences for each section -> Save
  6. If your class requires a pc classroom (computer lab) for the entire term please indicate this by checking the appropriate box.

Important Note: Do not use the Faculty tile found on the home page of Campus Connect. Please follow the above instructions for the correct navigation.

Additional Note: Your class must have a status of 'Active' in Campus Connect and you must be listed as the instructor in order for your class to be listed in your Faculty Profile. Once the class is entered in Campus Connect with you as the instructor and is made 'Active', it will also be reflected in your Faculty Profile.

Faculty with needs for specific classrooms or types of classroom features should indicate them in the comment box. Although requesting specific classrooms does not guarantee assignment, it helps Academic Space and Scheduling to match course pedagogy with available classrooms to the extent that it is possible.

Please note: If your class is not listed in Campus Connect, it will not be listed in Faculty Profile. Once the class is entered in Campus Connect, it will also be reflected in Faculty Profile.

All PC Classroom (Computer Lab) requests that are not for the entire term should be made through

TEDx: What must be done?

TEDx at DePaul University

Inspired by St. Vincent de Paul's quote "what must be done?" the team behind TEDx DePaul University is seeking speakers and performers from the DePaul community that will challenge thoughts and inspire ideas through a series of engaging talks at the April 29th event. Do you have a big idea to share with the community?

You can apply online to speak at TEDx.


Mobile Marketing: MKT 398/798

MKT 398/798 Mobile Marketing

Mark Tack, VP of Vibes Media, and Steve Kelly have been working with leading business practitioners to put together DePaul’s first course on Mobile Marketing. It’s being offered as a “Special Topics” cross listed for both graduates and undergraduates.

  • What: MKT 398/798 Mobile Marketing, special topics
  • When: Spring Quarter, Monday night, 6:00
  • Where: DPC 7406
  • Prerequisite: Open to all DePaul student

MKT 398/798 Mobile Marketing   Spring '16
Week Date Topic Faculty
I 28 March 1. Overview and Background on Mobile: Steve Kelly and Mark Tack.
Define what is mobile.  Overview of size of market, trends on mobile as well as mobile consumer data. ·     Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO at Vibes
  ·     Bill Siwicki, Managing Editor, HiMSS Media
II 4 April 2. Mobile Websites and Experiences:  Mark Tack and Steve Kelly.
Responsive design, gamification, mobile vs. desktop website, mobile web experiences, landing pages. ·     Andrew Seay, Director of Mobile Experiences @ Vibes
  ·     Taryn Tomasula, Associate Director of Customer Success at Vibes 
III 11 April 3. Apps: what to know for Mobile Mark Tack and Steve Kelly. 
-making, promotiing, maintaiing and optimizing..the full app lifecycle. ·     Kartik Submaranian, Director Product Management: Mobile Commerce, Wallgreens
  ·     Dan Gesser, Global Sales Leader, IBM Mobile Customer Engagement
  ·     Ray Pun, Head of Product Marketing for Mobile Solutions, Adobe
  ·     Roger Woods, Director, Mobile at Adobe
IV 18 April 4. Mobile Messaging & Compliance: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly
mobile messaging via SMS, MMS, Push, Wallet.  Also, compliance i.e. legal protocols. ·     Kimberlie Christen, Director, Digital Marketing, Redbox
  ·     Brooke Morse, Director Customer Success at Vibes
  ·     Cheryl Sanders, Vice President of Business and Customer Operations at Vibes
V 25-Apr 5. Mobile Wallet Marketing & Payments: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly
Mobile wallet is a new element of the marketing mix.  Examples of marketers doing this and the challenges that others are facing will be addressed.   ·     Mark Tack, Vice President, Marketing at Vibes
  ·     Ken Kunz, VP Technology at Vibes 
  ·     Jordan McKee, Senior Analyst, Mobile Payments at 451 Research
VI 2 May 6. Advertising on Mobile: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly. 
mobile display and social media advertising via Facebook, Twitter, etc.   ·     Brian Bradtke, VP, Mobile Wallet Advertising at Vibes
  ·     Michael Wade, VP, Advertising Sales at Vibes
  ·     Lauren Abney, Account Director, Kargo
  ·     Stephanie Biegel, Regional VP, Midwest Sales, Kargo
  ·     Aly Gossman, Account Director, Kargo
VII 9 May 7. Mobile Personalization, Mark Tack and Steve Kelly
Data and Mobile CRM: ·     Justin Kurt, DVP / GM Mobile and CRM Marketing at Sears Holdings Corporation 
Data collection is central to all marketing and the mobile development has enhanced that as well as CRM and predictive analytics  processes.   ·     Jeremy Agulnek, Group Sales Director at Vibes
  ·     Jason Richards, Director of Data & Analytics at Vibes
VIII 16 May 8. Mobile 2020 Outlook: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly.  
A futuristic look at where mobile is going with wearables, location/Proximity based (beacons, gps) and the future of personalization, especially mobile wallets.  Special attention to the impact on retail, CPG and B2B marketers.   ·     Paul Kultgen, Sr. VP: Mobile and technology advertiser solutions, Nielsen    
-     John Haro, CTO, Co-founder at PartySlate (former CTO at Vibes)
IX 23 May Wrap up and Final Projects:   Judging: Mark Tack, Steve Kelly and others who have participated in presentation to the class.
Students will present their own mobile projects based on real life company examples.
skip 30 May    
X 6 June Final Examination  


DePaul: Urban Educated. World Ready

It is Blue Demon Week here at DePaul. To celebrate, here is the first of four videos that shines a light on the DePaul experience.

DePaul Library Update

The library just shared this update:

The DePaul University Library will be migrating the Library's Web site to the SharePoint platform this summer, with an expected launch on August 28, after the end of the summer session. Most major library systems will continue to operate unchanged as will the structure of our site during this migration, so if you are familiar with how our current site is organized, you will find the new one similar in almost every respect.

The Library wants faculty to be especially aware that our URLs will change when we migrate, so with the exception of the Library Homepage, all other URLs beginning with will need to be updated in your course materials and D2L.

Starting July 25th, the Library will make the new Web site available to faculty and students at special locations in the Richardson and Loop Campus libraries. More information on the specifics will be communicated closer to that time. Please contact the Library's Coordinator for Web Services, M Ryan Hess, if you have any questions.


DePaul Enrollment Summary Booklet


DePaul’s Division of Enrollment Management and Marketing has just published the 2012 Enrollment Summary booklet (as a PDF).


DePaul Interns - A Day in the Life

A Day In The lIfe

Kate Stevenson has started a new site for our intern students to talk about their experiences. It’s called “A Day in the Life” and the site lets DePaul interns blog about what their jobs are like. The goal is to feature these students and share with other students what an internship entails. All interns will be featured in the site.

Each quarter a new crop of students will be able to express their thoughts.

Fernando Martinez, now at the Tribune, is the first student featured. Others will follow.


Insights2 - Department of Management at DePaul University


Insights2, the new blog for the Department of Management at DePaul University has just launched. Set aim with your RSS Reader…
They also have a Facebook Page as well:
And/or you can follow on:


iDePaul App Goes Live


DePaul’s new App has gone live, and can be download to the major mobile platforms:

iPhone · Android · Blackberry


Vision 2018: Dedication to Excellence, Commitment to Community

DePaul has just posted a new video for “Vision 2018: Dedication to Excellence, Commitment to Community.” The video communicates the strategic plan in a fun and compelling fashion - well worth watching.


Upcoming ASK Workshops

Tuesday, June 12, offered twice (9:00am - 10:00am and 11:30am - 12:30pm)

ASK Workshop: Tell Me About Yourself 101
Lincoln Park Campus, Student Center, 3rd Floor, Room 314 AB

Build your confidence in approaching and talking to potential employers. Specifically scheduled before and during the Just in Time Job Fair on the same day, attendees will work on perfecting their introduction to employers. You will leave knowing exactly what to say when an employer says, "Tell me about yourself." Registration ended but walk-ins are welcome.

Tuesday, June 19, 8:00am - 9:00am

ASK Networking Breakfast: From Classroom to Boardroom
Loop Campus, DPC, 11th Floor, DePaul Club

Learn tips on transitioning from the school setting to the professional work environment. Leading the discussion will be Dr. Paul Hettich, co-author of "Connect College to Career: Student Guide to Work and Life Transition" and Professor Emeritus at DePaul University Department of Psychology. Enjoy complimentary breakfast while learning and meeting alumni professionals. Register here.

MKT 595 Syllabus Posted

mkt595 syllabus 2012

The syllabus for the upcoming MKT 595 (Internet and Interactive Marketing) course that I teach has been posted. You can view/download it here.


Facebook Changes For DePaul


Kris Gallagher has these suggestion to those of you at DePaul using Facebook Pages:

When you look at the new Facebook page design, you’ll notice that you can choose a large image and also specify your profile picture. We recommend that you maintain your current profile picture (which for many of you is the DePaul logo and/or optimized DePaul signature).

With the large image, there are a couple of factors to consider:

  • Make sure you have copyright permission to use the photo. If it was professionally taken, make sure you’ve purchased online rights from the photographer. If it was taken by a student, make sure you have the rights to use it.
  • Make sure it’s eye-catching and good quality. Some photos look fine when they are small but are grainy or otherwise unattractive when they are large. Luckily, you can preview them.
  • If you can, make it distinctly DePaul. Nearly every university can show a student sprawled in the grass studying. What photos do you have that make us special?
  • Remember that you can’t use images from DePaul’s website without permission from EM&M.
  • You can change these photos regularly. You may want to develop a set of images that you rotate.

DePaul Blue Demons has already made some changes to their Facebook Page - please take a look.


DePaul University Receives Largest Gift in its History

Good news for students, faculty, and staff in DePaul’s College of Commerce:

“DePaul University today announced a $30 million gift from Chicago momentum investment pioneer and philanthropist Richard H. Driehaus to enhance the academic programs of its 100-year-old College of Commerce. Coming as the College enters its centennial year, the record gift is expected to transform the future of business education at DePaul, the largest private, nonprofit university in the Midwest.”

More information can be found here

Gaming the College Rankings


DePaul’s own Jon Boeckenstedt was quoted in a New York Times piece yesterday. The article (Gaming the College Rankings) is a short but worthwhile read, that covers some of the inherent gaming of the system that takes place with university ranking. Anyway, here is the quote:

“The reliance on this is out of hand,” said Jon Boeckenstedt, the associate vice president who oversees admissions at DePaul University in Chicago. “It’s a nebulous thing, comparing the value of a college education at one institution to another, so parents and students and counselors focus on things that give them the illusion of precision.”


DePaul University is the answer to a "Jeopardy!" question


On Friday, DePaul University was an answer to a question on Jeopardy! (television quiz show).


Strategic Planning Town Hall Reminder


This is a quick reminder that the Town Halls for DePaul’s Strategic Planning 2018 start this week. There are six opportunities for the DePaul community to provide their feedback to the draft plan, particularly in regards to these two questions:

  1. What in this preliminary draft resonates?
  2. Is there anything in these initial ideas that needs to be strengthened or refined in some way?

The six Town Halls follow this schedule. Online registration is available here.

  • LPC - Friday, November 4 (9am-10am) Student Center, room 314 A&B 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
  • Loop - Monday, November 7 (9am-10am) DePaul Center, room 8002 1 East Jackson Blvd.
  • LPC - Tuesday, November 8 (3:30pm-4:30pm) Student Center, room 314 A&B 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
  • LPC - Wednesday, November 16 (11am-12pm) Student Center, room 314 A&B 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
  • Loop - Wednesday, November 16 (3pm-4pm) DePaul Center, room 8002 1 East Jackson Blvd.
  • Loop - Friday, November 18 (9am-10am) DePaul Center, room 8002 1 East Jackson Blvd.

Online comments are also available via the President’s website (here) until Friday, December 16th.


Higher Education and Social Media

Douglas Lee Miller (DePaul’s New Media Manager for Career and Money Management) organized an event here at DePaul to be part of Social Media Week 2011 in Chicago. The topic of the event is a meetup/discussion about Higher Education and Social Media. Please spread the word. Event details can be found here.


DePaul Social Media Guidelines

DePaul Social Media Guidelines

The university created a set of guidelines for participants in social media sites managed by DePaul. These guidelines explain how the university expect commenters to behave on our sites, and what actions we will take if they violate them. For example, if people post ads for outside entities, DePaul will take them down. Those who post must remain civil or their posts will be removed.

You can see the guidelines at

The guidelines are designed to be applicable to any type of social media site.


Invisible Children DePaul Social Media Marketing Conference

Better Living Through Social Media

The Invisible Children DePaul Social Media Marketing Conference starts soon..... I have posted my handouts here.

Social Media Marketing Conference: 10th June

I am making a guest presentation at the Clear-Cut Conferences’ Social Media Marketing Conference on Thursday June 10th. Full details and registration are available at:

The conference will feature segments from professors in the College of Communication and the College of Commerce. The proceeds of this conference will go to an on-campus organization that raises money for children in Northern Uganda (Invisible Children DePaul).

The conference registration fee is $79 for the public, but free for DePaul Students, Faculty and Staff.

Hope to see you there.

Naturally, I will be tweeting. I intend to use the #Clearcut2010 hashtag.
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