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Tech Tuesday: 3D Printing Moved to July 29

Please note that the Tech Tuesday on 3D printing has been moved from April 29 to July 29. There will be no Tech Tuesday on July 29.

An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning


Kate Daniels of FITS shared this piece of research (An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning) that makes five assertions about synchronous learning:

  1. Synchronous meetings are biased against certain time zones.
  2. Synchronous meetings are culturally unaware.
  3. Synchronous meetings are biased against families and busy people.
  4. Synchronous meetings that involve audiovisuals are elitist.
  5. Synchronous meetings rely heavily on linguistic capital.

Worth reading if deciding whether to teach asynchronously or synchronously.


Yahoo email not delivered via D2L

DePaul has just learned that Yahoo has changed their email policy, which now only allows email to be sent via the domain and not through a third party.

This means that email sent via D2L (using a yahoo email address) will not be delivered. DePaul has no control over this.

However, you could use your email address instead. To do this, you will have to make a change in Campus Connection. This PDF explains how to update your profile.


Timur Gök in Finance has been working with Tag Clouds, and shared an interesting resource with me:

The resource lists several ways of presenting text visualization (graph, chart, map, network, timeline, word cloud). Some good advice and examples there.

For those interested in working with Tag Clouds, TagCloud is a good choice for those working with short documents:

then this will be your easiest/free option:

Wordle does much the same:

However, Timur would like to use lengthy PDF documents as his source material. The process of taking something directly from a PDF is a little more complicated. This site explains the process in which someone created a tool:

There would be some work setting this up, but this could be worthwhile.

Handbook for Surviving the Gradpocalypse

Handbook for Surviving the Gradpocalypse

Over the next ten or so weeks, the Career Center and related areas will be executing a digital and social engagement initiative geared toward students who are set to graduate in 2014 (Handbook for Surviving the Gradpocalypse). At the heart of the campaign is a micro-website and blog:

DePaul students, faculty and staff will be tweeting with the hashtag #Gradpocalypse.

Students (and other interested parties) can sign-up to join the site by text message:

Text SURVIVE to +1 312-756-7274 to join.

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