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Kaltura Video Summit for Enterprise and Education 2013

There is an upcoming virtual event that may be of interest to anyone in the field of online video:

Kaltura Video Summit for Enterprise and Education 2013. The virtual summit will take place over the course of two days – each day focusing on a different industry:

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2013 – Kaltura Education Video Summit
  • Thursday, June 13, 2013 – Kaltura Enterprise video Summit

More information can be found here.

New Sample Syllabus Disability Statement

We have updated College of Business D2L template with the updated Syllabus Disability Statement. A copy of this can be seen below:

Students seeking disability-related accommodations are required to register with DePaul's Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) enabling you to access accommodations and support services to assist your success. There are two office locations that can provide you with enrollment information, or inquire via email at .

Loop Campus - Lewis Center #1420 - (312) 362-8002
Lincoln Park Campus - Student Center #370 - (773) 325-1677

Students are also invited to contact me privately to discuss your challenges and how I may assist in facilitating the accommodations you will use during this course. This is best done early in the term and our conversation will remain confidential.

Technology Tuesdays: MOOCs

I have posted my video and handouts from the March Technology Tuesdays presentation on MOOCs. Video and materials can be found here.

29th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

August 7-9, 2013 Madison, Wisconsin Online registration is now open for the 29th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning. Join your colleagues to learn more about current resources, research, and best practices from around the world that are relevant to the design and delivery of distance education/training. This year's Conference Program offers more than 150 educational opportunities, 16 hands-on optional workshops, and several networking events to choose from. Workshops have limited space, so register early to ensure your spot. Conference highlights include:
  • Keynote, Dr. Richard Baraniuk, Rice University, speaking on “Disruptive innovation via open educational resources”
  • Keynote, Dr. Sally Johnstone, Western Governors University, speaking on “Envisioning a competency-based future”
  • Forum topics on “Open Educational Resources (OERs): Potential and pitfalls” and “Competency-based assessment: How and why to get started”

Register online by July 22 to receive the "early-bird" fee, and don’t forget to take advantage of the Group Rate if you have 3 or more of your staff attending. Finally, if you are unable to attend in person, you are encouraged to register for the Virtual Conference to view selected sessions from this year’s conference. If you have any questions, please email Kimary at

Jim Janossy Teaches CSC-200 (Survey of Computing)

My colleague Jim Janossy teaches CSC-200 (Survey of Computing) this summer, and this is an excellent class for incoming students who need to brush up on their computer skills.

Here is a description of the course in Jim’s words:

Knowing how to use a computer (Mac or PC) well and creatively is a crucial skill for success in college. Most courses now assume some degree of ability to use computers—but in actuality the level of computer skills among incoming freshmen varies considerably. Here’s a way to help overcome that, as well as help students who may benefit from a head start with college.

CSC-200 is nominally titled “Survey of Computing” but would more aptly be named “Contemporary Computing.” In this online course, which satisfies a Liberal Studies Program science requirement, students learn essential computer concepts and usage and acquire capable free tools and skills that can contribute to success in their subsequent college work:

  • how to download and use OpenOffice, the capable, reliable, free and fully legal alternative to expensive Microsoft Office available for both Macs and PCs
  • how to capably use word processing for academic writing, including the insertion of footnotes/endnotes, images, charts, pagination and document-building as .pdf’s
  • how to use a computer to digitally record and edit sound (such as lectures) using free Audacity software, and load it to a portable sound player to conveniently listen to it
  • how to collect and present data relevant to decision making in chart form to foster and substantiate analysis, in the context of evaluating purchasing choices in laptop and tablet computers (which can aid in their practical preparation for college!)
  • how to create and edit digital images and video using common modern devices such as smart cell phones and iPods, and editing images and video with legally free software
  • an understanding and appreciation of computer ethics and safe, legal downloading
  • how to access, navigate, and use Desire2Learn (although the course does not require it).

CSC-200 can complement the efforts of student instructors in Discover and Explore Chicago courses by “priming” incoming students with an exposure to DePaul and D2L—a factor with which I’m intimately connected since I have taught those courses for several years!

The only text required for CSC-200 is an inexpensive ($23) published workbook I authored especially for this course. This is possible because I leverage the resources of the web and make use of the DePaul Library “Books 24x7” free student online resource for software reference materials—automatically making students aware of the library and its database resources!

CSC-200 is offered in the upcoming 10-week summer term as registration #41941. I teach it with a “mentoring” pedagogy: each student receives individual attention and is able to revise, “perfect” and resubmit work based on my feedback. It’s a positive and enriching experience for students and can help prepare incoming freshmen for success at DePaul! I’m suggesting that you consider it in your advising efforts. Questions? Visit or call me at +1 (331) 431-1067

DePaul Photo Of The Day


The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) has come up with the Photo of the Day for the month of May. DePaul students (and staff and faculty) may want to tag their tweets and Instagram pictures with #DPUPhoto.

The topics for each day in May are:

1. Involvement
2. Office of Student Involvement
3. Study
4. Service
5. Gadgets
6. Recycle
7. Leadership
8. Relaxation
9. T-shirt
10. Mentor/Professor
11. Food
12. Dibs
13. Quad
14. Blue Demon
15. Letter
16. Community
17. Ticket
18. Style
19. Red
20. Class
21. Swag
22. Blue
23. Sports
24. Smile
25. Commute
26. Culture
27. Chicago
28. Stress
28. Campus
30. Socially Responsible Leader
31. Vincentian

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