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MKT 595 - my final class

Paul Marobella (Managing Director, Wirestone/Chicago) has very kindly agreed to takeover teaching MKT 595 (Internet and Interactive Marketing). I am sad to no longer by teaching this great class, but happy to see that there is someone better to take ownership. Paul will be teaching the class in September. Good luck Paul!

Update: Oops - I will now be teaching the September course myself. This will be my final class (and online). I hope Paul will be able to take over the course in 2011.

Social Media Club Chicago

Tim Mojonnier, who teaches in Management at the College of Commerce, has posted some recaps of Social Media Club Chicago that are worth reading (and responding to). You can find these on his blog.

Preparing for D2L


Commerce is gearing up for the transition from Blackboard to D2L (Desire2Learn). To prepare the way, a series of Technology Tuesday events have been scheduled:

July 6th - D2L: How It Works

This session will provide you will a thorough understanding of how the various elements in D2L operate. You will see how existing courses have been successfully copied from Blackboard to D2L

July 20th - D2L Basics

There are three basic functions of D2L that will be covered in this session:

  1. Uploading documents.
  2. Use of course cartridges.
  3. E-mail.

In this short session, you will learn the basics of D2L. Links to documentation, videos and hands-on training will be provided.

Both events will be taking place in the CNA 405 computer labs (no food or drinks please). The events will start at 9 a.m. and run a little longer than the regular Technology Tuesdays.

For more information, and to RSVP please visit the Technology Tuesdays page.

IDD is running a specialized staff training for D2L (D2L Fundamentals for Staff Training) on July 9th. If you are a Commerce member of staff and world like to attend please get in touch.

Desire2Learn Community

Lastly, D2L documentation is available on D2L’s website. This documentation will be available in a customized format on DePaul’s website, but you can access the original documentation by enrolling in the Desire2Learn Community:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Enrollment” (top right hand corner of page)
  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Last Name
  • Enter your Work E-mail Address
  • Enter your Organization Name (DePaul University)
  • Enter your Type of Organization (Higher Education)
  • Enter your Role (Administration, Instruction or Other)
  • Then click on “Submit”
  • Once you have your username and password, you can log into the system and then read the documentation for the D2L Learning Environment:
  • Click on “Documentation”
  • Click on “frameless Desire2Learn help”
  • Click on Learning Environment

(the site also contains a wealth of videos and tutorials)


Guidelines for developing DePaul Applications and Videos

University Marketing Communications has developed guidelines for the creation of DePaul applications and videos. The guidelines can be found here:


BigBlueButton: Open Source Web Conferencing

Massimo Di Pierro shared an interesting resource with me: BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton is an open source solution that supports sharing of slides (PDF and PPT), video, chat, voice (using Asterisk), and desktops. The support site for BigBlueButton is a little sparse at the moment, but this looks to be an extremely useful (and cheap) way of running a webinar or videoconference.

Well worth checking out.

Invisible Children DePaul Social Media Marketing Conference

Better Living Through Social Media

The Invisible Children DePaul Social Media Marketing Conference starts soon..... I have posted my handouts here.

Skype improves videochat (new beta)

Good news: Skype has a new beta, which allows four participants to videochat simultaneously.

Bad news: Does not work on Windows 7, Linux or OS X yet.

Hoping that a portable apps version will be available soon (along with versions for the other operating systems).

Peter Erlinder arrested in Rwanda

One of my colleagues at DePaul (Scott Erlinder) shared some troubling news this week. His brother (Peter Erlinder) has been arrested by the Rwandan government on charges of "Genocide Ideology" and is jail in Kigali, Rwanda.

Peter Erlinder was in Rwanda defending the current opposition leader. He has been been brought up on charges due to his legal role. Peter Erlinder is not someone who denies the genocide. There is now an on-line petition here to demand Peter’s release:

Please provide your support.

Social Media Marketing Conference: 10th June

I am making a guest presentation at the Clear-Cut Conferences’ Social Media Marketing Conference on Thursday June 10th. Full details and registration are available at:

The conference will feature segments from professors in the College of Communication and the College of Commerce. The proceeds of this conference will go to an on-campus organization that raises money for children in Northern Uganda (Invisible Children DePaul).

The conference registration fee is $79 for the public, but free for DePaul Students, Faculty and Staff.

Hope to see you there.

Naturally, I will be tweeting. I intend to use the #Clearcut2010 hashtag.
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