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DePaul no longer supports Blackboard Collaborate (known as Online Rooms). The change in support was announced about a year ago, but Online Rooms was still available in D2L until very recently. Online Rooms has been replaced by a built-in-tool called YouSeeU (known as Virtual Classroom in D2L).

Instructions on use of Virtual Classroom can be found here.

FITS has two upcoming virtual training sessions, if you’d like a little more hands-on experience with the tool:

Some quick notes on the Virtual Classroom
The maximum session time is 90 minutes. Typically, a two hour class session would use two 90-minute rooms, one for before class and the first hour, and then after a break, the second room would open for the next session, with additional time afterward available for questions.
You can schedule rooms ahead of time, just as with Blackboard Collaborate, but you cannot get into the room before it opens to preload content.

If you want to share your screen, there is a small download that you will need to do first. And you should be sure you’re using the Chrome browser to share your screen (since this tool runs on HTML5, only Chrome is supporting it right now).

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