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Technology Tuesdays take place the last Tuesday of each month. These are informal, internal presentations for DePaul University faculty and staff, focusing on educational technology and best practices for online and blended learning.

All sessions run from Noon - 1PM in DPC 7406 on the 7th Floor of the DePaul Center (unless noted otherwise).

Using Edutainment to Teach Business Courses.

Guest presentation from Kelly Richmond Pope (Associate Professor, School of Accountancy & MIS) and Roni Jackson (

Have you ever thought about using edutainment as business pedagogy? An edutainment curriculum is designed to educate through entertainment. Early implementation of edutainment dates back to Poor Richard’s Almanac, with Benjamin Franklin combining entertaining and educational content, such as puzzles and rules of conduct, for colonists.

In this workshop, you will learn how to implement edutainment into your courses. Our speaker, accounting professor and award-winning filmmaker Kelly Richmond Pope, will unveil a new edutainment product designed specifically for the business curriculum with funding from the DePaul University Academic Innovation Grant.

How Students Cheat with Technology

Technology can be a boon to educators, extending the reach and productivity of effective professors. However, there are various technological solutions that can be abused by students to cheat on assignments and high-stakes testing. In this engaging and hands-on session you will be introduced to some of the gadgets, websites and software that can be used by the less-than-ethical students. Methods that professors can use to protect the integrity of their teaching will be presented.

Some of the examples presented include:

  • “Spy” pens and wristwatches with hidden cameras and microphones
  • Software and website that creates corrupt Office documents
  • Sites where students pay others to write papers
  • How Desire2Learn can highlight examples of plagiarism.
  • How online exams can be secured

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