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mmhmm Advice: Build the best office for your virtual presentations

  • Team mmhmm shared some advice (Build the best office for your virtual presentations) on how to use mmhmm on their YouTube channel here.
  • Some very useful advice there, including equipment:
Lauren’s Equipment

Troy’s Equipment

Mmhmm Community Suggestions


Teams and mmhmm

An update to Microsoft Teams made back in July prevents mmhmm from being an option for video calls. From what I have read, rolling back the update will fix the problem temporally. Alternatively, macOS users can use the web version of Teams ( The Safari browser will not support video calls in Teams, but Google Chrome works.

Tech Tuesday: mmhmm

Mmhmm is an exciting new interactive video presentation tool designed for educators forced (or actively embracing) teaching online.

The app launched recently, and already has several features that are perfect for online teaching – both live and pre-recorded:

  • Collaborative presentations: Two presenters can drive the same presentation in Zoom. Slide content is synchronized between both presenters, perfect for co-teaching and student feedback.
  • Mimics newscasts and television: You can add sophisticated background effects, video filters, slides, and movies to your presentations.
  • Record regular video or interactive presentations: Interactive presentations allow your audience to jump to particular slides in your presentation and change video settings.
  • Transparency effects: Rather than blocking slide content, you can appear as a hologram in front of your slides – so students can see you and your content simultaneously.
  • Laser pointers: Annotate slide content with laser pointers.
  • Works with Panopto, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more: You can use mmhmm to improve camera and sharing settings in videoconference software, or in your Panopto recordings.
  • And more…

Date: Tuesday November 17
Time: 12 p/m.
Location: Zoom

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