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Course Modalities

DePaul has (re)defined course modalities here.

  • ONLINE survives as LOCATION for all online modalities.
  • ONLINE as facility ID is retired as substituted by Online:Async
  • ONLINE is also retired as Instructor Mode replaced by Online:Async

Best Practices for Online Learning: Ten Tips To Improve Your Online Course

A new Tech Tuesday has been posted to the site. You can access the video and resources here.

Annual Distance Teaching & Learning Conference 100% Online

The Annual Distance Teaching and Learning conference is 100% online this year (Aug 3-7, 2020) for the first time. I will be online there, and hope you will be too. Registration is just $495.00 for the entire event.

Annual Distance Teaching & Learning conference registration open today

The annual Distance Teaching & Learning conference
Good news! The annual Distance Teaching & Learning conference (@UWDEPD #UWdtl) will take place, in person or fully online, this August 4-6. Registration opened today, and all registrations are now $495.00 (up to $300 savings).

If social-distancing continues in August, the in-person registrations will shift to virtual.

More information, and registration, can be found here:

Panopto's "Everthing" Folder

The "Everything" folder has a tendency to confuse Panopto users. People see that there are videos in the "Everything" folder that they did not create, and then they get very worried. They think that now every other Panopto user can see their private videos.

Other faculty or users cannot see Panopto videos by default unless they were added to the creator's D2L course as TA or Instructor.

If you see your videos in the "Everything" folder, this is only because you yourself have access to those videos. By default, "Everything" is customized to display only the things a certain user has accessible to them, such as their videos and anything marked as public within Panopto,
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