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Update Your Google Scholar Settings to Continue Full-Text Access

Over the summer, the DePaul University Library introduced new and improved systems, including the link resolver that connects you to full text articles at DePaul.

Instructions on how to update your settings can be found here.


Please remind students to check their BlueM@il email accounts or they won’t receive class communications

All students have been assigned a BlueM@il email address (username Starting this fall term, all DePaul communications (including emails sent from D2L) will be sent to student BlueM@il addresses.

In order to receive any communications from the university, all students will need to access and regularly check their BlueM@il mailbox.

Please communicate with your students prior to term, and let them know:

  • Students have a new BlueM@il email address (username
  • Starting fall term, the university will no longer send messages to students’ external email accounts (like Gmail or Yahoo).
  • Starting fall term, all class and university communications will go to their BlueM@il.address.

Ways for students to check email (use their BlueM@il and BlueKey login credentials): 

  • Outlook web app: Go to and select the Outlook icon  
  • Outlook desktop app: Go to and download Office 365 including Outlook  
  • Outlook mobile app: Download the Outlook mobile app on iPhone or Android 
  • Other email app of your choice connected to Outlook 365 using BlueKey login credentials  

Why are students using BlueM@il instead of services like Gmail or Yahoo? 

For questions about student email, login issues, and accessing email, please see the Student Email and University Communications article in the Knowledge Base. 

Use Of Frequent Quizzes

Bob Rubin shared a nice piece of research that underscores that having frequent quizzes in an online course is a very good thing. As he says: "Effect sizes are large enough to suggest it as a good practice, especially given how easy it is to do in D2L."

You can find the research here:

Zoom: Sharing Slides As a Virtual Background

Zoom has a very useful feature for presenting that shares slides as a Virtual Background. Here, slide content from a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation appears behind the talking head of the presenter. This works very well for crafting engaging live content. Unfortunately, this is not yet a way to craft engaging prerecorded videos – the Zoom recordings of the shared screen do not include the video of the presenter that you see in the live session.

A workaround is to use screen recording software like Panopto, Screenflow, Camtasia, or QuickTime to record the Zoom shared screen. However, Screenflow and Camtasia have the ability to make a greenscreen transparent – so you would be better off just bypassing Zoom if you have those particular programs.

If you are interested in using the Zoom/Panopto workaround, you can follow my instructions at the borrow of the page here.

Course Modalities

DePaul has (re)defined course modalities here.

  • ONLINE survives as LOCATION for all online modalities.
  • ONLINE as facility ID is retired as substituted by Online:Async
  • ONLINE is also retired as Instructor Mode replaced by Online:Async
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