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Teacher Tricks

Teacher Tricks

Jan Costenbader of FITS shared a great resource with me - Teacher Tricks.

Teacher Tricks is the website of James May. He teaches at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida. The site provides some useful tricks and strategies that teachers can employ.


Enriching Learning Environments With Technology

Elgin Community College is holding an event (Enriching Learning Environments With Technology) that is worth attending on Friday 4th March,

Featured speakers/presentations include:

David Sam, President of Elgin Community College

Panel Discussion: Social Networking
  • Jeff Newell, Illinois Community College Board
  • Connie James-Jenkin, ECC Librarian
  • Stacey Shah, ECC Librarian

Eeinie Meenie Minie Mo: In Which Direction Shall I Go? Choosing the Right Technology Tools for You
  • Kevin Johnson, University of IL-Champaign

Integrating Technology into Lesson Planning
  • Edith Monroy – Oakton College, DesPlaines

Engage Students in Screencasting with Jing
  • Kathryn G. Shafer – Ball State Univ, Indiana

For Instant Support, Just Add Librarians
  • Connie James-Jenkin & Stacey Shah, ECC, Elgin

Creating Content for the Mobile Student
  • Dan Kernler, ECC, Elgin

Best Practices to Support Student Success in Online Learning
Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University

More information (and registration) can be found here.

Business Simulations

Beth Rubin (SNL’s Director of Online Learning) suggested these business simulation resources to me this week. Sharing them with everyone here:


MKT 595 Teaching Evaluations

MKT 595 Teaching Evaluations

DePaul has released teaching evaluations to faculty. The teaching evaluations are published as “locked” PDFs through Campus Connection. I have shared my teaching evaluations on this website. The PDFs can be found here.

I have not altered the PDFs, but I have renamed the files.


Visions of Students Tomorrow

Curt Bonk alerted me to Michael Wesch’s new video project. He has put the call out for students to submit video clips that chart their mediated life. This article at the Chronicle of Higher Education provides a little more context.

Flourish Conference 2011

Flourish 2011

Phil Gomes just emailed me to remind me that FlourishConf 2011 will be held April 1-3 this year. 

They have some great speakers, including folks from Threadless, Nokia, 3Ware, ZaReason and the Open Source Digital Voting project.

The conference is well worth attending. Detailed schedule is coming soon.

The conference has a presence on Facebook ( and Twitter ( 

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