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34th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning

I am going to be presenting at the 34th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning. You can find resources for each of my sessions on the site here:

Tuesday 7th August
So, they have asked you to teach an online course
Learn a framework for designing online instruction that improves learning and is flexible enough to work within any size budget or level of resources and support. Explore fundamentals of a “backward design” approach to identify and prioritize needs and plan for assessment, presence, communication, and feedback.

Thursday 9th August
Students, faculty, us: Collaboration at a distance
It is one thing to encourage distance learning, and another to create distance engagement and collaboration. Explore how we can work together with our students, faculty members, and colleagues.

Thursday 9th August
Overcoming barriers: How to increase faculty and staff buy-in for online programs
The first step in overcoming resistance to teaching online is to understand the obstacles and objections. Explore three key reasons that faculty and staff give for not wanting to make the move to online and learn about a framework that can help overcome the objections.

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