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How To Record With The Zoom H2


I am loaning out a Zoom H2 to a colleague, and reading the "how to record" instructions here incase I need them in the future:

  • Switch Power to “On.” The LCD screen will switch on, and you will see a red light indicating “Mic Active.”
  • Press the right button twice, until you see that “Surround, 4CH” is activated.
  • Press the record button once, the red light will flash.
  • Press the record button a second time, the Zoom H2 will record.
  • Press the record button when done.
  • Switch the Power to “Off.”


Panopto Recorder Settings


By default, the Panopto Recorder will save local recording files to your computer's C drive (C:\PanoptoRecorder).

There is a setting called "Delete recordings once they are uploaded." This setting is disabled by default, leaving all recording files on the computer, but it can be enabled in the Recorder Settings tab under System Settings. Instructions can be found here.

However, recordings do not delete immediately after being uploaded to the Cloud. It takes 48 hours for the recording directory to completely disappear from the computer. Once this has been deleted, users will no longer see the recording in C:\PanoptoRecorder or in the Manage Recordings tab of the Recorder.

Also, there is an "Advance" Recorder setting called "Capture in MP4 format." This can be found in the Windows Recorder Settings tab -> Advanced Settings under Advanced Capture Settings.

Running Zoom on a Mac? You need admin access

Just discovered this useful piece of advice from Zoom admin, otherwise your microphone and webcam will not work in macOS.

Zoom & Panopto: Classroom Recording

I have posted a video recap and resources from April's Tech Tuesday on "Zoom and Panopto," which largely focuses on how to use those tools to record in DePaul's regular classrooms. All can be found here.

DT&L Registration Opens Today

35th Annual DT&L Conference

Registration for the annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference opens today. I highly recommend attending the conference.

To give you a taste of the conference, here are two short videos from the invited keynote speakers:

Robin DeRosa

Newton Miller

August 6-8, 2019 | | #UWdtl
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