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DePaul Classroom Preferences

Each quarter, DePaul faculty can request the type of classroom they want to teach in. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the NavBar on the upper right corner -> select Navigator
  3. Click Self Service -> Faculty Center -> Instructor Resources -> Faculty Profile
  4. Select the correct term to obtain the list of classes for the quarter and click on Search
  5. Select preferences for each section -> Save
  6. If your class requires a pc classroom (computer lab) for the entire term please indicate this by checking the appropriate box.

Important Note: Do not use the Faculty tile found on the home page of Campus Connect. Please follow the above instructions for the correct navigation.

Additional Note: Your class must have a status of 'Active' in Campus Connect and you must be listed as the instructor in order for your class to be listed in your Faculty Profile. Once the class is entered in Campus Connect with you as the instructor and is made 'Active', it will also be reflected in your Faculty Profile.

Faculty with needs for specific classrooms or types of classroom features should indicate them in the comment box. Although requesting specific classrooms does not guarantee assignment, it helps Academic Space and Scheduling to match course pedagogy with available classrooms to the extent that it is possible.

Please note: If your class is not listed in Campus Connect, it will not be listed in Faculty Profile. Once the class is entered in Campus Connect, it will also be reflected in Faculty Profile.

All PC Classroom (Computer Lab) requests that are not for the entire term should be made through

Upcoming Improvements to DePaul Labs and Classrooms

DePaul's information Services just shared an important update with faculty and staff:

Windows 10/Office 2016 and macOS High Sierra

Information Services will be updating all Windows lab and classroom computers to Windows 10 and Office 2016, and macOS High Sierra. To prepare for this change, please verify that any software you need is compatible with Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra. You can find a list of software titles and versions that will be available in DePaul’s lab and classroom computers on the IS website.

Classroom Computer Logons

Podium computers in the DePaul classrooms will require users to log in with their CampusConnect user name and password. This change to the current experience is being made to improve the security and usability of the podium computers.

VHS Combo players

VHS Combo players will be removed from most DePaul classrooms. This change is being made because manufacturers no longer make VHS Combo players. It is highly recommended that faculty move to digital media where possible (DVD, YouTube, etc.). A few classrooms on both the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses will still be equipped with VHS Combo players. For rooms without the combo players, all DVD/digital media will now be played through the podium computer. If VHS media needs to be played regularly, faculty will need to request a room equipped with a combo player from their department class scheduler, who will in turn make arrangements with Academic Space & Scheduling. You can find additional details on this change here, including:

  • Alternatives to presenting existing content via VHS
  • How to request a VHS combo player
  • How to find or schedule classes in locations containing VHS players
  • Resources provided by the Library and other relevant information

VLC Media Player


DePaul faculty will be pleased to know that the VLC media player is now installed on all classroom PCs again (thanks to Joshua Luttig from IS for the update). The VLC Media Player is a “free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols.” - In other words it plays pretty much any video file out there.

On classroom PCs, look for it under:

Music & Video / VideoLAN

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