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Ooyala Global Video Index

We use Ooyala to stream video for our web-enhanced, hybrid, and online courses. Ooyala publishes a quarterly Global Video Index. The report provides some insight on how video and television is changing.

The report can be viewed

Ooyala has summarized some key trends:

  • Tablet and smart phone video trends: Smartphone views made up 88% of mobile video views during the quarter, compared to just 12% for tablets.
  • Engagement patterns by device: Despite mobile growth, consumers still trend toward larger screens for longer content.
  • Long form video consumption: For content less than 10 minutes in length, mobile is still getting the lion’s share of time watched, at 69%. For content longer than 30 minutes, CTV’s share of time watched was 61%, almost doubling since Q1.
  • Spotlight on Europe: - The U.K. and Ireland are far ahead of the global mobile curve - Programmatic Trading Update: As with the prior two quarters, programmatic trading is cementing its place as a norm, not an exception, in video advertising.
  • Video ad trends: Tablets and smartphones made up nearly half (46%) of ad impressions across publishers, broadcasters and networks, combined, as PCs slid to 40% from 54% in Q1.


Fix For Unresponsive Windows Surface Pro 3 keyboard

Surface Pro Keyboard

Cornell Lambert just shared a fix for anyone working with an unresponsive Windows Surface Pro 3 keyboard:

– shut down the tablet, and then hold the Power and the Up Volume buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds – the machine will power on and the keyboard should work!


Introduction to Collaboratory Technology: C101

C101 - The Collaboratory

DePaul’s new
Collaboratory (C101 on the Concourse level of the DePaul Center) is shared space where DePaul faculty can creatively collaborate - on research, teaching, course design, and more. In this exciting Technology Tuesday session we will focus on ways on which the Collaboratory can be leveraged by faculty, which particular focus on the technology in C101 supports collaboration.

Inside the Collaboratory

To get to C101, take the escalators or stairs down from the ground floor of the DePaul Center (1 East Jackson Blvd.). The Collaboratory is the room directly at the bottom of the escalators.

Outside the Collaboratory

For more information, and to RSVP, please visit the
Technology Tuesdays Page

  • Date: Tuesday, January 12th
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: C101 on the Concourse level of the DePaul Center (1 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604)


A dedicated space from the Academic Affairs on the Loop campus for collaborative activities. Part of this space will be reserved for recipients of internal grants, while the remainder of the space will be designed as a collaborative space available to all faculty members.

Innovation Through Collaboration

At the request of Faculty Council in the Spring 2014, Academic Affairs launched the Innovation through Collaboration Initiative to accelerate and enhance the current culture of innovative and collaborative research and instruction, to foster synergies and develop working relationships across departments, disciplines, and colleges, and to build and strengthen collaborations with industry and community partners.
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