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Archiving Videos From Ooyala

MPT has asked that older videos be archived from Ooyala if not in use. Here are the instructions they have provided for doing so:

In order to download your original files form Backlot, you will need to create a source MRSS feed. Source MRSS feeds will allow you to download or distribute the files that were originally uploaded into backlot. Please follow these steps to create a source MRSS feed:

1. Log into Backlot

2. Go to "Publish tab" and select "external publishing" (sub tab) 3. Locate the drop-down menu at your left and choose "Source MRSS", then click the "+new" button.

4. Fill in the required fields: Name, feed title etc.

5. Select a specific label (only videos in that label will be included in the feed), or select "all content".

6. Copy and paste your feed URL into your browser (We recommend to use firefox) 7. Click on the "source redirect" link to download your source file.

It is important to mention that the file will be downloaded without an extension. Therefore, you should rename the file and assign the appropriate extension before playing it.

You can paginate to access the rest of the source feeds. To "paginate" beyond the first 500 results, you may use the query string parameter "offset=xxx", which means you would need to append &offset=500 to get to the next 500 entries. For example, a Source MRSS feed would appear as


MPT Videos For New (And Existing) Faculty

DePaul MPT (Media Production and Training) has created some extremely informative and entertaining videos for new faculty. The first video provides new faculty with an overview of what they need to know on their first day:

The second video explains how to use classroom technology:

Although both videos are designed for new faculty, existing faculty (and staff) can still gain some knowledge from watching them.
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