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D2L Quiz Settings

I answered two quick questions on D2L quiz settings today. Posing them here for anyone else who may need….

1: Importing quiz questions to library

  1. In D2L, go to your library.
  2. Click the Import button and choose Browse Existing Questions.
  3. Change the Source Collection to the quiz you would like to import the questions from.
  4. Check the box next to the questions you want to import.
  5. Click Add.
  6. You can repeat this process for other quizzes.
  7. Then click the Done Editing Questions button.

2: Changing Quiz Submission Views

  1. In your quiz, click on Submission Views.
  2. The default view will be what a student will see when the quiz is submitted.
  3. Click on Add Additional View.
  4. Here you can specify a different submission view that will start at a specific date and time.
  5. Type in a Name for the additional submission view.
  6. Change the Date and Time for the view to start.
  7. Under View Details, specify the settings that you want.
  8. When done, click on Save.

PlayPosit - Interactive Videos

Josh Lund from FITS just shared a very intriguing resource with me: PlayPosit, which allows educators to create videos with embedded quizzes. PlayPosit appears to be a free service, with paid premium options.

For the right faculty, this looks like a great option to ensure that students are following along with the content for their videos.

Tech Tuesdays: Demystifying D2L’s Quizzes


Josh Lund will be presenting at the next Tech Tuesday on Demystifying D2L’s Quizzes.

Still stuck giving paper quizzes and exams? Wish there was an easier, or better, way to assess your students? This workshop is an in-depth exploration of Desire2Learn’s Quizzes tool. Topics covered will include:

  • The different question types available in a D2L quiz- which to use and which NOT to use
  • Creating randomized and scrambled test questions and test banks to automatically give each student a different exam
  • Setting quiz parameters such as availability and time limits
  • Using publisher content- importing test banks and making your text do the work for you
  • Converting paper exams into D2L-formatted quizzes quickly
  • Where to get help when you’re stuck

Please note that this will take place in the FITS Training Room on the 12th floor of the Lewis Building (Lewis 1266). The room is equipped with laptops.

Josh Lund is the FITS department's Senior Instructional Technology Consultant for the Driehaus College of Business, CPE, and the School of Music. He provides support for online course development, leads workshops, and researches best practices in teaching and learning to bring directly to faculty.

  • Date: Tuesday March 31
  • Time: 10-11 a.m.
  • Location: Lewis 1266

Eventbrite - Demystifying D2L’s Quizzes


Preparing Desire2Learn Quizzes in Word and Respondus

Respondus (available via MPT’s page here) is a productive tool that allows you to create a quiz in Microsoft Word which can then be imported into Desire2Learn.

However, you must following certain formatting conventions for the import to work. Also, you should turn off automatic numbering of lists in Word to prevent any problems uploading the test into Respondus. To turn off automatic numbered lists, follow one of the two sets of steps below, depending on what version of Word you are using.

Word 2003:
  • Click Tools.
  • Click AutoCorrect Options.
  • Click AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  • Uncheck Automatic Numbered Lists.
  • Click OK.

Word 2007:
  • Click the Microsoft Office Button
  • Click Word Options.
  • Click Proofing.
  • Click AutoCorrect Options.
  • Click AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  • Uncheck Automatic Numbered Lists.
  • Click OK.

Multiple Choice Questions

  • Question: Type the number, a period, a space, then the question text.
  • Answer Choices: Type the letter, a period, a space, then the answer choice.
  • Correct Answer: Put a star * in front of the letter of the correct answer. Do NOT put a space between the * and the letter.
  • Feedback: Put after question with “@” sign and a space before the feedback.


1. Who was the second president of the United States of America?
@ The answer is John Adams.
*a. John Adams
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. James Madison
d. George Washington

Be Wary of Multiple-Answer Questions in D2L

Multiple Answer

The move to Desire2Learn has brought many advantages, but it has also brought the occasional problem. One that we are now discovering is how Desire2Learn scores multiple-answer questions (sometimes known as multiselect). Randy Fisher of Finance and Jan Costenbader of FITS first noticed a discrepancy in how D2L grades these types of quizzes. Here is how Jan has summarized his findings:

The important thing to realize is that incorrect answers that are not selected count towards the point total in Right minus wrong and Right answers

All or nothing

Students receive full points for the question only if they select all of the correct answers and none of the incorrect answers. They receive zero points if they miss any correct answers or select any incorrect answers.

Right minus wrong

Students receive points equal to the number of right answers they choose minus the number of incorrect answers they choose. For example, if each answer is worth one point and a student selects 3 correct answers and 1 incorrect answer, they will receive 2 points for the question (3 minus 1).

Note: To determine how much each answer is worth, the system takes the total number of points that the question is worth and divides it by the number of correct answers. For example, if a question is worth 4 points and has two correct answers, each correct answer is worth 2 points, and each incorrect answer is worth -2 points (students receive a minimum of zero on a question: they cannot receive a negative mark).

Right answers

Students receive points for each correct answer they select and for incorrect answers they leave blank. Incorrect answers selected and correct answers left blank are ignored.

Jan’s suggestions are particularly important if you have imported a multiple-answer quiz from Blackboard.

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