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iTunesU update

DePaul University has been using iTunes U for several years now. We have used it in two ways:

  1. Sharing public videos that anyone with an Internet connection can download.
  2. Sharing private videos for individual classes at DePaul. Here, only registered students can access and download the videos. Campus Connection is used to update the list of registered students.

The option to use iTunes U for private videos will be discontinued by Apple on Tuesday 1st September 2015.

Wen-Der Lin of MPT (Media Production and Training) has created a set of instructions on how to download content before the private videos are deleted at the end of this month:

In order to retain the material that you have uploaded to iTunes U, you will need to archive your material following the procedure outlined below. To ensure all data is preserved, MPT will also be archiving all content on DePaul private sites. This content can then be uploaded to a DePaul streaming server. MPT is able to assist with helping you place this material on the streaming server. For assistance please contact

Procedure for Archiving your material with your PC/MAC:

Step 1: Go to and login to iTunes U with you DePaul Campus Connect user ID and password.
iTunes U College

Step 2: After iTunes launches, go your college than your course and click on the course tag.
iTunesU Courses

Step 3: Click on "Get Track" button right next to the graphic and the download will begin. You have to repeat the same action within each tab if you have multiple tabs in the course.
itunes U Get Tracks

iTunes U Status

Step 4: To check the status of the download, click on the down arrow button at the upper right hand corner.
itunes U Download

Step 5: After download is finished, you may find your material in the following path:

  • Windows environment: C:\Users\Your User Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\iTunes U
  • OS X environment: /Users/Your User Name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/iTunes U/

Since downloaded material will be saved on your C drive or Main drive, please make sure that the C drive or Main drive has enough room for this download process. You may move the download material to an alternate storage device in order to save the space on your C drive or Main drive.

Please feel free to contact Wen-Der Lin at or call +1 (773) 325-7995 if you run into any issues with your content download.


lynda-com, an online training video library is now available for free to all DePaul students, faculty, and staff.

Training topics include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Mac & Windows
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Databases
  • SPSS
  • Photography
  • Audio & Video

Faculty can use to supplement in-class instruction. Students can improve their software skills with the free videos

For more information about the courses available or to create your free account, visit For more information, please email


Archiving Videos From Ooyala

MPT has asked that older videos be archived from Ooyala if not in use. Here are the instructions they have provided for doing so:

In order to download your original files form Backlot, you will need to create a source MRSS feed. Source MRSS feeds will allow you to download or distribute the files that were originally uploaded into backlot. Please follow these steps to create a source MRSS feed:

1. Log into Backlot

2. Go to "Publish tab" and select "external publishing" (sub tab) 3. Locate the drop-down menu at your left and choose "Source MRSS", then click the "+new" button.

4. Fill in the required fields: Name, feed title etc.

5. Select a specific label (only videos in that label will be included in the feed), or select "all content".

6. Copy and paste your feed URL into your browser (We recommend to use firefox) 7. Click on the "source redirect" link to download your source file.

It is important to mention that the file will be downloaded without an extension. Therefore, you should rename the file and assign the appropriate extension before playing it.

You can paginate to access the rest of the source feeds. To "paginate" beyond the first 500 results, you may use the query string parameter "offset=xxx", which means you would need to append &offset=500 to get to the next 500 entries. For example, a Source MRSS feed would appear as


Preparing Desire2Learn Quizzes in Word and Respondus

Respondus (available via MPT’s page here) is a productive tool that allows you to create a quiz in Microsoft Word which can then be imported into Desire2Learn.

However, you must following certain formatting conventions for the import to work. Also, you should turn off automatic numbering of lists in Word to prevent any problems uploading the test into Respondus. To turn off automatic numbered lists, follow one of the two sets of steps below, depending on what version of Word you are using.

Word 2003:
  • Click Tools.
  • Click AutoCorrect Options.
  • Click AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  • Uncheck Automatic Numbered Lists.
  • Click OK.

Word 2007:
  • Click the Microsoft Office Button
  • Click Word Options.
  • Click Proofing.
  • Click AutoCorrect Options.
  • Click AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  • Uncheck Automatic Numbered Lists.
  • Click OK.

Multiple Choice Questions

  • Question: Type the number, a period, a space, then the question text.
  • Answer Choices: Type the letter, a period, a space, then the answer choice.
  • Correct Answer: Put a star * in front of the letter of the correct answer. Do NOT put a space between the * and the letter.
  • Feedback: Put after question with “@” sign and a space before the feedback.


1. Who was the second president of the United States of America?
@ The answer is John Adams.
*a. John Adams
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. James Madison
d. George Washington

MPT Videos For New (And Existing) Faculty

DePaul MPT (Media Production and Training) has created some extremely informative and entertaining videos for new faculty. The first video provides new faculty with an overview of what they need to know on their first day:

The second video explains how to use classroom technology:

Although both videos are designed for new faculty, existing faculty (and staff) can still gain some knowledge from watching them.

Adding TAs to DePaul D2L Courses

Adding TAs (Teaching Assistants) to DePaul Desire2Learn courses is considerably easier after our migration form Blackboard. There are two ways this can be accomplished:

1) A request to MPT
Simply click on the “Add DePaul User” link found on the LMS Request Forms page.

2) Self Service
Faculty can add Teaching Assistants to their D2L courses by:

  • In D2L, click on “Classlist”
  • Click on “Add Participants”
  • Click on “Add an existing user”
  • In the “Search For” textbox, type in the student name or student EmpID and click on “Search”
  • Select the student, change the “role” to “Teaching Assistant,” change the section to the appropriate section
  • Click on “Enroll selected users”

Student Training Videos for Desire2Learn on iTunes U

iTunes U

MPT (Media Production and Training) has posted a series of training videos for DePaul students on iTunes U. These videos introduce Desire2Learn, and the go into more detail on how to use the various functions within D2L.

I highly suggest that you subscribe and download.

These videos can be found by following this link or by going to iTunes and searching for “DePaul D2L student.”

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