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Tech Tuesday: i>clickers in the classroom


Tomorrow's Tech Tuesday focuses on i>Clickers

The i>Clicker is a student response system, which can be used to involve students in class activities, assess student learning, or register votes in a departmental meeting. DePaul has used and supported i>Clickers for many years, but you may not be aware of the significant changes and improvements. The new i>Clicker system supports both traditional remotes as well as smartphone clickers.

Glenn Garrett (i>Clicker Specialist from Macmillan Science and Education) will demonstrate how easy it is to use clickers in the classroom, as well as exciting changes in the near future.
If you would like to attend, please RSVP here:

Date: Tuesday February 24th
Time: 10-11 a.m.
Location: Executive boardroom DPC 5800 (5th floor of the DePaul Center)


Soapbox - Presentation/Teaching Tool for Educators


Raman Chadha (of the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center) sent me information about a new presentation/teaching tool that looks interesting. Soapbox is “designed to help teachers and speakers better engage their audiences and assess their learning.”

I have seen other tools (or combination of tools) so something similar (i.e.
clickers, Twitter, Poll Everywhere), but I think I will give this a shot (and have signed up for an account). Waiting to see how well this works. The one piece of advice I have for the software developers is to employ a different voice for the demo video (see below) - more enthusiasm would be appreciated…..

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