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Inkling Now Works On The iPhone

Inking (the academic ebook application) now works on the iPhone.

Inkling For The Web


Inkling now has a Web client - you no longer have to read books on the iPad only, you can read them through a browser here. I am looking forward to seeing how well this works on Android tablets, as well as smartphones.

More information on the Inkling website.


Technology Tuesdays: Ebooks and Etextbooks


Electronic text has the potential to be a huge disrupter to the educational environment (and the effects are already visible). In this Technology Tuesdays session learn what ebook options are available for your and your students to use. You will also discover how you can create your own ebooks and etextbooks, Providers/options that will be covered include:

You can RSVP for the upcoming session here.


Inkling Etextbook MBA Webinar


Inkling has released a recorded version of the MBA webinar that they hosted on Wednesday, February 22nd. It is now available on their educators page.

I would highly suggest taking a look.


Inkling Webinar


Inkling has an upcoming webinar that I think will be of interest to Commerce faculty (and fans of eTextbooks). The event is on the 22nd of February:

“Wondering how to transition from print textbooks to digital on a platform that both faculty and students will embrace? Join Matt MacInnis, the founder and CEO of Inkling, the premier publishing platform for digital MBA textbooks and the newest EMBA Council member, for a discussion about the brave new world of Smartbooks. MacInnis will demonstrate how popular MBA titles are now Smartbooks on Inkling’s platform.”

You can register here:


Wacom Inkling - Another Smartpen

Wacom is releasing a
smartpen this month that I plan to take a look at. The Inkling may not be usable as the Papershow smarten for live digitization and recording, but the level of accuracy (and Wacom’s track record with tablets) make it worthy of consideration

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