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Course Modalities

DePaul has (re)defined course modalities here.

  • ONLINE survives as LOCATION for all online modalities.
  • ONLINE as facility ID is retired as substituted by Online:Async
  • ONLINE is also retired as Instructor Mode replaced by Online:Async

New DOTS Session


The DePaul Online Teaching Series (DOTS) is a faculty development program that trains and assists faculty to become successful facilitators of online learning. The program has been operating since 2008, and empowers DePaul faculty via an immersive, hands-on training experience. Faculty are introduced to online-learning best practices, innovative use of technology, quality standards for course development across all delivery formats, and are guided through the development of exemplary course sites for online and blended instruction. Numerous Commerce faculty have used the DOTS program to launch highly regarded online and hybrid courses.

The program also provides faculty with:

  • Technology Kit that includes a tablet PC or MacBook, web cam, headsets, and software
  • Knowledge and skills to facilitate online learning
  • Stipend of $500 at beginning of training and $1000 at completion of online/blended course delivery and course review.
  • Certificate of Completion with letter of commendation from the Provost
  • Course design support from Faculty Instructional Technology Services (FITS)

Two new DOTS sessions have been scheduled, and seats are already starting to disappear. I highly recommend that Commerce faculty consider applying before it is too late. The upcoming sessions are:

Spring 2012 DOTS (quarter-long format): Apr 13 through May 25

Application Deadline: Dec 2nd
Acceptance/rejection notification: Dec 9th

Faculty can apply for the Spring 2012 DOTS at

Summer 2012 DOTS (three-week intensive format): June 11 through June 29

Application Deadline: Mar 30
Acceptance/rejection notification: Apr 6
Faculty can apply for the Summer 2012 DOTS at

More information about the schedule can be found at


Models for Selecting and Using Technology


Beth Rubin shared an interesting blog with me this morning - Tony Bates is exploring “models for selecting and using technology” in education on his blog. Two posts have been written already, with a proposed schedule as follows:

  1. The challenge
  2. A (very) short history of educational technology and what it tells us
  3. Defining the characteristics of educational technologies
  4. Media and technology
  5. The affordances of different technologies and media
  6. Does educational theory help in choosing/using technology?
  7. What other factors should we consider? (This post will probably be expanded into separate posts on accessibility, students, costs, and organizational issues).
  8. Developing frameworks for selecting and using educational technologies
  9. What have we learned?

This look like the beginning of both a great conversation and a great series on educational technology.




Registration for Spring DOTS II: Building Community (May 23 - June 5) is now open. A detailed program description and online registration can be found here. The program is offered completely online for faculty who will be teaching an online or a hybrid course that has been developed already.

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