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Beth Rubin shared a link to the new iversity, iversity allows faculty and administrators to “create their own online academic network, join or create courses, upload and share content, or collaborate within research projects”. I have not had a chance to properly explore what is possible, but have created a basic account. One feature that looks interesting is their use of social reading:

“This feature allows users to take notes, comment and highlight content in texts and images – online and live. This transforms online reading into an enriching social experience. Social Reading is at the heart of what iversity is here to do: transform the internet into a empowering tool for academic collaboration and participation. This can be a powerful tool for discussions and exam revision, for example.”


Turnitin and Blackboard Miscellany

The weekend saw me the recipient of two very interesting email alerts. First, Massimo DiPierro shared a great discussion and article found on Slashdot. The article (written by David E. Harrington) highlights how Turnitin offers what might be seen as a disingenuous service (WriteCheck) where students can discover if a document they intend to submit will raise flags in Turnitin’s database. I don’t see many faculty being happy about this…. The article and discussion is worth reading.

Later, Beth Rubin shared an article (Blackboard: A Tale Of 2 Companies) that explores Blackboard’s finances and future. Again, very interesting reading. Wondering if Blackboard will offer a rebuttal.

Timeslicing in the Classroom

Beth Rubin of SNL shared a great piece on Timeslicing in the Classroom from the Tomorrow’s Professor Mailing List that lists various ways that students use current technology in the classroom. The essay is reprinted here and it well worth a read. Some faculty may find some of the technology uses a little scary….

More Online Tools For Educators


Some more online tools for educators via Beth Rubin:

New Technologies Enabling Enhanced Pedagogies Online

Tools for the New Year

Course Design in a Recession


Models for Selecting and Using Technology


Beth Rubin shared an interesting blog with me this morning - Tony Bates is exploring “models for selecting and using technology” in education on his blog. Two posts have been written already, with a proposed schedule as follows:

  1. The challenge
  2. A (very) short history of educational technology and what it tells us
  3. Defining the characteristics of educational technologies
  4. Media and technology
  5. The affordances of different technologies and media
  6. Does educational theory help in choosing/using technology?
  7. What other factors should we consider? (This post will probably be expanded into separate posts on accessibility, students, costs, and organizational issues).
  8. Developing frameworks for selecting and using educational technologies
  9. What have we learned?

This look like the beginning of both a great conversation and a great series on educational technology.

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