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Social Media Demographics and Open Graph

Kris Gallagher shared some great social media resources this week. Reposting them here:

Here are two articles about social media demographics: 

Here’s some articles about Facebook’s Open Graph capability:

Facebook Changes For DePaul


Kris Gallagher has these suggestion to those of you at DePaul using Facebook Pages:

When you look at the new Facebook page design, you’ll notice that you can choose a large image and also specify your profile picture. We recommend that you maintain your current profile picture (which for many of you is the DePaul logo and/or optimized DePaul signature).

With the large image, there are a couple of factors to consider:

  • Make sure you have copyright permission to use the photo. If it was professionally taken, make sure you’ve purchased online rights from the photographer. If it was taken by a student, make sure you have the rights to use it.
  • Make sure it’s eye-catching and good quality. Some photos look fine when they are small but are grainy or otherwise unattractive when they are large. Luckily, you can preview them.
  • If you can, make it distinctly DePaul. Nearly every university can show a student sprawled in the grass studying. What photos do you have that make us special?
  • Remember that you can’t use images from DePaul’s website without permission from EM&M.
  • You can change these photos regularly. You may want to develop a set of images that you rotate.

DePaul Blue Demons has already made some changes to their Facebook Page - please take a look.

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