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Open Syllabus Project

syllabus explorer

Steve Kelly shared information about the Open Syllabus Project and Syllabus Explorer this week. The Syllabus Explorer takes more than 1,000,000 syllabi published on university websites and then attempts to work out the most frequently-taught books. Well worth taking a look.


Mobile Marketing: MKT 398/798

MKT 398/798 Mobile Marketing

Mark Tack, VP of Vibes Media, and Steve Kelly have been working with leading business practitioners to put together DePaul’s first course on Mobile Marketing. It’s being offered as a “Special Topics” cross listed for both graduates and undergraduates.

  • What: MKT 398/798 Mobile Marketing, special topics
  • When: Spring Quarter, Monday night, 6:00
  • Where: DPC 7406
  • Prerequisite: Open to all DePaul student

MKT 398/798 Mobile Marketing   Spring '16
Week Date Topic Faculty
I 28 March 1. Overview and Background on Mobile: Steve Kelly and Mark Tack.
Define what is mobile.  Overview of size of market, trends on mobile as well as mobile consumer data. ·     Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO at Vibes
  ·     Bill Siwicki, Managing Editor, HiMSS Media
II 4 April 2. Mobile Websites and Experiences:  Mark Tack and Steve Kelly.
Responsive design, gamification, mobile vs. desktop website, mobile web experiences, landing pages. ·     Andrew Seay, Director of Mobile Experiences @ Vibes
  ·     Taryn Tomasula, Associate Director of Customer Success at Vibes 
III 11 April 3. Apps: what to know for Mobile Mark Tack and Steve Kelly. 
-making, promotiing, maintaiing and optimizing..the full app lifecycle. ·     Kartik Submaranian, Director Product Management: Mobile Commerce, Wallgreens
  ·     Dan Gesser, Global Sales Leader, IBM Mobile Customer Engagement
  ·     Ray Pun, Head of Product Marketing for Mobile Solutions, Adobe
  ·     Roger Woods, Director, Mobile at Adobe
IV 18 April 4. Mobile Messaging & Compliance: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly
mobile messaging via SMS, MMS, Push, Wallet.  Also, compliance i.e. legal protocols. ·     Kimberlie Christen, Director, Digital Marketing, Redbox
  ·     Brooke Morse, Director Customer Success at Vibes
  ·     Cheryl Sanders, Vice President of Business and Customer Operations at Vibes
V 25-Apr 5. Mobile Wallet Marketing & Payments: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly
Mobile wallet is a new element of the marketing mix.  Examples of marketers doing this and the challenges that others are facing will be addressed.   ·     Mark Tack, Vice President, Marketing at Vibes
  ·     Ken Kunz, VP Technology at Vibes 
  ·     Jordan McKee, Senior Analyst, Mobile Payments at 451 Research
VI 2 May 6. Advertising on Mobile: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly. 
mobile display and social media advertising via Facebook, Twitter, etc.   ·     Brian Bradtke, VP, Mobile Wallet Advertising at Vibes
  ·     Michael Wade, VP, Advertising Sales at Vibes
  ·     Lauren Abney, Account Director, Kargo
  ·     Stephanie Biegel, Regional VP, Midwest Sales, Kargo
  ·     Aly Gossman, Account Director, Kargo
VII 9 May 7. Mobile Personalization, Mark Tack and Steve Kelly
Data and Mobile CRM: ·     Justin Kurt, DVP / GM Mobile and CRM Marketing at Sears Holdings Corporation 
Data collection is central to all marketing and the mobile development has enhanced that as well as CRM and predictive analytics  processes.   ·     Jeremy Agulnek, Group Sales Director at Vibes
  ·     Jason Richards, Director of Data & Analytics at Vibes
VIII 16 May 8. Mobile 2020 Outlook: Mark Tack and Steve Kelly.  
A futuristic look at where mobile is going with wearables, location/Proximity based (beacons, gps) and the future of personalization, especially mobile wallets.  Special attention to the impact on retail, CPG and B2B marketers.   ·     Paul Kultgen, Sr. VP: Mobile and technology advertiser solutions, Nielsen    
-     John Haro, CTO, Co-founder at PartySlate (former CTO at Vibes)
IX 23 May Wrap up and Final Projects:   Judging: Mark Tack, Steve Kelly and others who have participated in presentation to the class.
Students will present their own mobile projects based on real life company examples.
skip 30 May    
X 6 June Final Examination  

Comments - Screen Sharing Tool

Steve Kelly shared a link to a very interesting website with me. is a screen sharing service for meetings (and lectures) that works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. This looks to be a very useful collaborative tool.

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