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MBA Primer Program: Social Media


I will be guest presenting on Social Media at the upcoming MBA Primer. The MBA Primer is a great DePaul program, that assembles a focussed series of topics taught by DePaul faculty (and folks like me). I enjoyed the session last year, and look forward to doing this again. Registration is open, and the message below should help you discover more.

I will be teaching on the 29th April (Naperville) and 1st May (Loop).

Register Today and Earn credit with DePaul’s MBA Primer Program or Entrepreneurship Primer Program DePaul University’s Management Development Center (MDC) offers a 15-week “mini-MBA” program that will keep you current in today’s changing business environment, enabling you to learn new business concepts and update management skills you already have for a fraction of the price of a traditional MBA program. The MBA Primer Certificate Program provides an overview of managerial theories and techniques, ideal for those looking to better understand business practices, update current skills or are contemplating enrollment in a traditional MBA or other graduate business program.

Taught by experienced industry professionals and faculty from DePaul’s prestigious Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, this program can also be applied as a credit waiver for one elective course if you continue with your MBA at DePaul University.

Register today. Classes begin March 11th in Naperville and March 13th in the Loop.

DePaul University is offering a 15-week Entrepreneurship Primer Certificate Program where individuals will gain a theoretical MBA foundation as well as practical, real-world skills to launch a business venture. The program is taught by DePaul faculty as well as experienced entrepreneurs, and is designed for leaders, corporate employees, and others with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Register today. Classes begin March 19th in the Loop.

For more information about MDC programs and offerings, please visit our website at or contact Eilish McDonagh at 312-362-5295. 


MBA Primer - Social Media

I will be providing a guest lecture on social media in the upcoming MBA Primer at DePaul. Here is some additional information for those of you who have not heard of the MBA Primer

Do you want to improve your business skills in 2014? Are you thinking about getting your MBA? Enroll in DePaul’s MBA Primer this February!If you’re interested in continuing your education in the field of business, then DePaul’s Management Development Center offers courses to set you on the right track.The MBA Primer Certificate Program will enhance your managerial skills and give you a better understanding of the latest business theories and practices. Taught by industry experts, this 15-week program will give you an overview of the fundamentals taught in a traditional MBA program.Here’s what one of our students has to say: “DePaul University’s MBA Primer Program gave me a fresh perspective on the latest thinking in business. It was truly an investment worth making and has already paid dividends in helping me grow our business.” –National Business Manager, Waste Management Inc.The next program begins on February 4th at DePaul’s Naperville Campus and February 6th at the Loop Campus.Not sure if the MBA Primer Program is right for you? Why not come to our FREE MBA Primer Information Session on January 22nd from 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Loop Campus to learn more? Instructors and program staff will be there to answer your questions about the prerequisites and benefits of DePaul’s Primer programs.


Inkling Etextbook MBA Webinar


Inkling has released a recorded version of the MBA webinar that they hosted on Wednesday, February 22nd. It is now available on their educators page.

I would highly suggest taking a look.


Inkling Webinar


Inkling has an upcoming webinar that I think will be of interest to Commerce faculty (and fans of eTextbooks). The event is on the 22nd of February:

“Wondering how to transition from print textbooks to digital on a platform that both faculty and students will embrace? Join Matt MacInnis, the founder and CEO of Inkling, the premier publishing platform for digital MBA textbooks and the newest EMBA Council member, for a discussion about the brave new world of Smartbooks. MacInnis will demonstrate how popular MBA titles are now Smartbooks on Inkling’s platform.”

You can register here:


Resources For Kellstadt Students

I am re-posting a message from the Kellstadt Career Management Center that went out to current Kellstadt Students and Alumni:

“We are pleased to announce the addition of a new resource for you in your job/internship search. MBA Focus is a job/internship posting and resume book tool that provides additional opportunities on top of what is already provided through our office. Highlights of this resource, how to access it, and how the tool compares/contrasts to current resources are listed below.”

All systems available to Kellstadt students and alumni for jobs, events, and networking:

1. Kellstadt Career Manager
Purpose: Official recruiting tool for Kellstadt. Job/Internship postings, events, resume books, etc. specifically targeting Kellstadt students/alumni.

2. DePaul Experience
Purpose: ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge), under ASK Mentors

3. MBA Focus
Additional resume book and job/internship postings from employers specifically targeting a group of top MBA programs (approx. 60 schools). This tool broadens your search criteria and includes many opportunities outside of Chicago

Weekend MBA

I am giving a guest presentation at the Weekend MBA Student Orientation on Saturday. Video and PDF handout can be found here.
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