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Professor Registration for Google Online Marketing Challenge


Professor Registration for the Google Online Marketing Challenge is open, and professors can register for the Challenge any time from October 8, 2014 to April 8, 2015.

Student registration will open on October 15th.
Changes for 2015 include:

  • Academics will need to have a Google account to sign up and will still need to provide a university email for verification purposes
  • Students will need two separate Google accounts, one to manage the Student Dashboard and one (a new account) to manage AdWords campaign
  • Academics will also gain access to a new GOMC Professor Dashboard - which will provide them with an overview of the progress of their teams

The last update is one I am particularly interested in.


Opportunites at Google for Students


The Google Online Challenge is running again this year, and Google has taken this opportunity to remind students of employment options within the company.

Undergraduate and graduate full-time job opportunities can be found here.

Internship information can be found here.

In addition, Google has a YouTube Students Channel, and a Students Blog.


Updated GOMC

The Google Online Marketing Challenge has an updated website. Plenty of useful resources can be found at:

Google Online Marketing Challenge Results

Google has posted results from the Google Online Marketing Challenge. Several teams from MKT 595 competed over the spring quarter and did very well indeed:

  • One semi-finalist: in the global top 100 (not including winners)
  • Two strong campaigns: the top 10% of teams not making the semi-finalists list
  • One good campaign: in the 70th to 89th percentile
  • One fair campaign: in the 40th to 69th percentile

Well done everyone!

Full results can be seen here:


Advice for the Google Online Marketing Challenge

For the third year running, the course project for MKT 595 will be the Google Online Marketing Challenge. I have sent out details to all currently registered students, but I would like to reiterate that there is a wealth of resources on the Internet to help you excel in the project.

One resource that I want to highlight is Theresa Flaherty’s blog (The Marketing Bridge). The 2009 GOMC Americas winner came from James Madison University, and was taught by Theresa. The team of Rachel Bruton, Meredith Rauh and Brandon Sockwell, worked with a local tour operator,

On Theresa’s blog you will discover relevant and timely advice. Highly recommended.
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