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Yahoo email not delivered via D2L

DePaul has just learned that Yahoo has changed their email policy, which now only allows email to be sent via the domain and not through a third party.

This means that email sent via D2L (using a yahoo email address) will not be delivered. DePaul has no control over this.

However, you could use your email address instead. To do this, you will have to make a change in Campus Connection. This PDF explains how to update your profile.

Emailing In The New D2L

D2L Email

FITS has this to say about emailing in the new Desire2Learn:

If you need to send an email to your class, please be sure to use the "Email Classlist" button located at the top of the Classlist page. This has replaced the "Email everyone on this tab" button that we had in the old D2L version. Please see the attached screenshot or these instructions: This is important because if you have your Classlist view set to 20 students per page and you try to check them all and click the "Email" button, the email will only go to the selected students on that page. So, any students beyond 20 will not be included in the email.It's also a good idea to add any important emails to students as News Items in your course:


DePaul Email on Android


I get the occasional question on how to setup DePaul email on Android smartphones. I don’t use an Android phone on a regular basis, but there is a very easy way to configure these devices - the process to do this can be found here:


Problems with Email on a Mac? Solution Here


DePaul is in the process of upgrading the Outlook/Exchange servers that we use for email. This might have caused some Mac users (running Entourage on Mac OS X) some issues - where email send/receive was unavailable. Information Services has provided a solution that should fix the problem:

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