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Windows 10 At DePaul

Windows 10

DePaul's Information Services sent out an email on Windows 10 availability this morning.

"Beginning January 13th, Windows 10 with Office 2016 will be available as a supported choice for new computer orders. For information about ordering a new computer, please contact Procurement Services or visit their website. DePaul's default configuration will continue to be Windows 7 with Office 2013, as used in the classroom and lab environments.

Please note that a self-service Windows 10 upgrade for your current computer is forthcoming, but not yet available.

IS recommends that customers considering Windows 10 verify that the software and peripherals currently in use will be supported on this new platform, or that alternatives are planned for. Initial compatibility testing performed by IS has shown few issues. As community adoption grows and relevant issues are discovered, this information will be shared via the Windows 10 webpage.

Information Services offers a variety of online and training resources to help faculty and staff learn about Windows 10 and Office 2016. Information about training resources and additional details about Windows 10 are available here."


Windows Surface Pro 3: Information Services Supported


Some good news for faculty and staff interested in the Windows Surface Pro - this is now a university supported option, and can be purchased via Procurement (Natalie Max would be the best contact). The Windows Surface Pro 3 has a larger screen than the previous 1 and 2, making it a much more usable device for teaching and presenting. This is a device that I think is worthy of consideration - the stylus allows faculty to annotate material on the screen (great with Open-Sankoré and screencasting).

Cost for a Core i5 with 8GB RAM, typecover, ethernet adapter, service plan and Computrace is in the region of $1,557.00. A similar i7 (faster) would be in the region of $2,187.00

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