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Elgin Community College

Enriching Learning Environments With Technology

Elgin Community College is holding an event (Enriching Learning Environments With Technology) that is worth attending on Friday 4th March,

Featured speakers/presentations include:

David Sam, President of Elgin Community College

Panel Discussion: Social Networking
  • Jeff Newell, Illinois Community College Board
  • Connie James-Jenkin, ECC Librarian
  • Stacey Shah, ECC Librarian

Eeinie Meenie Minie Mo: In Which Direction Shall I Go? Choosing the Right Technology Tools for You
  • Kevin Johnson, University of IL-Champaign

Integrating Technology into Lesson Planning
  • Edith Monroy – Oakton College, DesPlaines

Engage Students in Screencasting with Jing
  • Kathryn G. Shafer – Ball State Univ, Indiana

For Instant Support, Just Add Librarians
  • Connie James-Jenkin & Stacey Shah, ECC, Elgin

Creating Content for the Mobile Student
  • Dan Kernler, ECC, Elgin

Best Practices to Support Student Success in Online Learning
Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University

More information (and registration) can be found here.
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