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RPNow: Mac OSX 10.12 Sierra is currently NOT Supported


Software Secure currently does not support the new Apple Operating System-Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra for Remote Proctor (RPNow) at this time. More information on their support site.


RPNow Version 2.0

RPNow Version 2.0

Software Secure will be releasing RPNow Version 2.0 (Remote Proctor Now) on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Version 2 includes these updates:

  1. A new recording and video upload process: The software will “Store-and-forward” the video records on the student’s local machine. The files will be uploaded while the user is in the exam, and a pop-up will occur after the software is closed if more time is needed to complete the upload of the video. This method is more robust and allows the option to lower the bandwidth requirement for the system check allowing access to RPNow for users that may not have been able to in the past.
  2. PC Only: The Browser rendering engine Internet Explorer has been replaced with a “chrome” based version. Chrome isn’t required to be installed on the PC. This will eliminate Software Secure's dependency on what is preinstalled on the user’s computer and eliminate rendering issues that are becoming more common due to updates to exam delivery systems.
  3. The interview process had been updated with a more modern look and feel. A “Room Scan” review step has been included which now provides end-users/students a review of their Room Scan video before progressing onto other steps.
  4. MAC Only: Updated with the new interview process explained in number 3 above.
  5. Windows 10 support. The current version doesn’t support Windows 10.

NOTE: Support for Windows XP and Mac 10.6.x and 10.7.x will end once the new version has been released.

The reverify update is now available. This allows students that are flagged for not providing an ID or providing an unverifiable ID to have another attempt to submit prior to being reported.


Remote Proctor Now and Microsoft Silverlight

Remote Proctor Now just sent out this update:

Google Chrome has recently dropped support for Microsoft Silverlight. The impact of this development is that Chrome can no longer be used to view webcam/desktop videos on our admin site. The behavior that you’ll see is that you’ll be promoted to install Silverlight repeatedly because Chrome will no longer recognize that it’s installed. If you run into this issue, the only solution currently available is to use a browser other than Chrome (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. on PC or Safari, Firefox, etc. on MAC).

This should only impact administrators reviewing exam videos

Remote Proctor Now and IE 11

Back in February, I posted about an issue with Internet Explorer 11, D2L, and Remote Proctor Now (Secured exams taken with Remote Proctor Now on a Windows PC with Internet Explorer 11 installed on will not work - The option to “Go to Submit Quiz” is unclickable, and students will not be able to complete a secure exam). A patch to D2L has fixed the issue. Secured exams will work with Desire2Learn as normal.

Firefox is still the browser that DePaul recommends that students use with D2L.

Remote Proctor Now: End of Support for Windows XP and MAC 10.6.x


After April 8th 2014, support for Windows XP and MAC 10.6.x. in Remote Proctor Now will be terminated.

On April 8th 2014, anyone running XP or MAC 10.6, and attempting to take an exam using RPNOW, will receive a message indicating that they detected they are running one of these unsupported operating systems. It will also state that they are welcome to continue using the unsupported Operating System with the understanding that there is no support. If in the case the product doesn’t work, they will then have to either upgrade their operating system or use another computer.


Issues with Remote Proctor Now and IE11

Internet Explorer 11

Currently we have an issue with the most recent version of Internet Explorer and Remote Proctor Now:

Secured exams taken with Remote Proctor Now on a Windows PC with Internet Explorer 11 installed on will not work. The option to “Go to Submit Quiz” is unclickable, and students will not be able to complete a secure exam.

Students using Mac OS X are unaffected by this issue.

Students using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.0 (but not Windows 8.1) will be able to take secure exams if they do not have Internet Explorer 11 installed. Earlier versions of Internet Explorer (such as Internet Explorer 9 or 10) should allow for successful completion of a secure exam.

There is a process to rollback/downgrade to an earlier version of Internet Explorer, described below.

Students using Windows 8.1 are unable to rollback/downgrade to an earlier version of Internet Explorer 11. The only solution is to use a different computer, with does not have Internet Explorer 11 installed.
We are working with Desire2Learn for a solution to the issue.

The process for uninstalling Internet Explorer 11 is as follows:

  • Go to Windows Update > View updates and find the line for Internet Explorer 11 and uninstall from there. This requires a computer restart.
  • After that, in order to prevent Internet Explorer from auto-updating, open IE10 and click on the gear in upper right corner of Internet Explorer and choose “About Internet Explorer” and uncheck "Install new versions automatically" and follow prompts.

DePaul's Help Desk can assist with the process of downgrading from Internet Explorer 11: +1 (312) 362-8765.

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