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Course Modalities

DePaul has (re)defined course modalities here.

  • ONLINE survives as LOCATION for all online modalities.
  • ONLINE as facility ID is retired as substituted by Online:Async
  • ONLINE is also retired as Instructor Mode replaced by Online:Async

An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning


Kate Daniels of FITS shared this piece of research (An Affinity for Asynchronous Learning) that makes five assertions about synchronous learning:

  1. Synchronous meetings are biased against certain time zones.
  2. Synchronous meetings are culturally unaware.
  3. Synchronous meetings are biased against families and busy people.
  4. Synchronous meetings that involve audiovisuals are elitist.
  5. Synchronous meetings rely heavily on linguistic capital.

Worth reading if deciding whether to teach asynchronously or synchronously.

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