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PaperShow No Longer Supported In The U.S.


My colleague Sanjay Deshmukh discovered that PaperShow, the extremely useful pen-based presentation tool that I have recommended here at DePaul and beyond, will no longer be supported here in the U.S. This means that the dot-paper and other supplies will soon no longer be available to purchase. It may be possible to import from Europe, though.

If this is a device you use, I would recommend stocking up on supplies. Unlike the Livescribe pens, it is not possible to print your own dot-paper.

There are alternatives to PaperShow, but none of them are a true match:

Wacom Cintiq

Windows Surface




Papershow Supplies


Sanjay Deshmukh shared a very useful piece of information with me today. Both of use use the extremely useful Papershow smartpen. Sanjay was able to find a some great deals on supplies through the company WhiteboardSelling. It looks like this will be the cheapest option to resupply on ink refills and paper.

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