Presentation in iPod Format You can download the video as a QuickTime MP4 file. This version will play in iTunes, QuickTime and on iPads, Pods, iPhones and Apple TVs.

iTunes is a free download that will work on both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X.

PDF Presentation Handout

The presentation handout is available as a PDF document that you can download and save/print.

On the 23rd July, 2013, I gave a one-hour session on "Educational Uses of Microsoft Windows Surface Pro" as part of the monthly Technology Tuesdays. The Surface Pro is, as Microsoft describes it, a "laptop in tablet form." This combination of tablet (pen and touchscreen) and laptop functionality lends itself to pedagogical use. The Surface Pro can be the ideal teaching tool for some faculty.


Open-Sankoré (I also talk about this program on my website here)
DePaul Procurement

Recording with Camtasia and Open-Sankoré

A short video in which I demonstrate how to export a PowerPoint presentation into Open-Sankoré, and then use Camtasia to record a lecture video. This process is recommended for those using Windows laptops with a stylus.