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Livescribe Connect


I have been using Livescribe smartpens for a couple of years - initially the Pulse, and more recently the Echo. The pens are great at notetaking at presentations and meetings, as well as being particularly useful for sharing notes and tutorials with students. However, my constant frustration with the Livescribe was that it did not export recordings natively as Flash or Quicktime videos (or something similar).


The new Livescribe Connect looks as if it will fix that deficiency - with the option of exporting interactive PDFs and linking to various cloud/social services such as Google Docs, Facebook and Evernote. Upgrading requires downloading a new version of the LIvescribe Desktop software, upgrading the smartpen firmware, and installing a new Adobe Air application (which configures the connections between the various services).


The exported PDFs work surprisingly well (but filesizes may be a little large). So long as your recipient has a recent version of Adobe Reader, they can listen to your audio as they watch your pencast. Clicking on a particular place in the PDF will jump forward or back to the audio segment associated with that item.

Well worth experimenting with.

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