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For faculty teaching on-campus (P) and on-campus hybrid (HB) classes in Zoom+ classrooms

Zoom+ Classroom

210 DePaul classrooms have been updated this year. These new Trimodal and Zoom+ classrooms are very different – some do not have blackboards, whiteboards, and CD ROM drives, but instead rely on new technology.

These updated rooms are listed here:

The QuickStart Guide on the Teaching Commons explains how to turn on the podium PC in a Zoom+ room. Here are the steps you would follow to use the podium PC:

  1. Take the remote and turn on projector using the Power button.
  2. Tap the touch screen monitor.
  3. Click Share Screen. A pop-up window will appear.
  4. Click Start Sharing.
  5. If this pop-up says, “Plug HDMI cable into device” instead of “Start Sharing,” move the PC mouse to wake it up from sleep.
  6. Make sure to log off the PC before you stop sharing (otherwise the next person who uses the room may have access to your information).

The touchscreen monitor has a digital blackboard that you can use in class. You don’t need a stylus to use it; your finger will work just as well. If you want to use a stylus, you should use a capacitive stylus. Information Services recommends these for purchase:

A few things to note about the Zoom+ classrooms:

  • You can use the Zoom technology to bring a virtual guest speaker to class.
    • Instructions on how to create a Zoom session are here. You would then share the meeting ID and passcode with your guest speaker.
    • This page explains how to join and run the Zoom session from your Zoom+ room.
  • You can use the Zoom technology to record your classes.
  • You can use the Zoom technology to allow students to attend class remotely. This is not the expectation for on-campus (P) and on-campus hybrid (HB) classes, but this could be helpful if you encounter that need.

Information Services and the Center for Teaching and Learning are running “Training Open Houses” this September. You can turn up at these sessions without registration. You can contact if you have questions about the Open Houses.

When Technology Fails
If something goes wrong with technology in your classroom, there are friendly experts on hand to help. Use the room telephone to contact Classroom Tech Support:

(312) 362-5900 (Extension 2-5900)

If you see an error message or a problem, take a picture of it with your smartphone. That information may help support fix the issue.
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