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Web>clickers and i>clickers

Just wanted to share this, as the a request for Web>clickers is starting to bubble up. The university has equipped the majority of classrooms with i>clicker base stations, which work with traditional i>clickers. Some students are starting to consider using Web>clickers, which allow voting with a smartphones or laptop instead of a physical i>clicker. Properly configured, the Web>clickers can work with the physical i>clickers in the same classroom.

The Web>clickers have specific requirements, and for these reasons are currently not supported:

  • WiFi is required, and this is not as reliable as using the physical i>clicker
  • Base stations must be configured appropriately

One reason to configure a classroom to work with both Web>clickers and i>clickers would be support students with disabilities, but at the moment the university is not supporting Web>clickers.


Mayla Sanchez has been kind enough to send me i>clicker2 devices to evaluate. For the next couple of weeks I am the proud possessor of two student remotes, one instructor remote, and a new base station.


The plan is to see how well the new devices work with existing hardware. I also an anxious to see how the new laser pointer in the instructor remote can be put to good use. Below are some images of the new devices beside the first-generation i>clickers.

Student Remote


Instructor Remote





Next Tech Tuesday Session: i>clickers


Many professors are using classroom response systems for instant polling and assessment in the classes that they teach. These systems provide a productive way to ask questions on the fly, as well as to ask questions anonymously, or to create graded assessments that can be taken in class. This Tech Tuesday session will focus on using the i>clicker system at DePaul. Even if you have used i>clickers in your classes before, this will be a worthwhile session to attend. The session will cover:

  • Basic system setup and usage
  • Strategies for creating assessments
  • Troubleshooting
  • Student registration
  • Integrating i>clicker results with Desire2Learn

This will be a guest presentation by Josh Lund of FITS. Josh is the dedicated FITS Consultant to the College of Commerce. You may have met him already, or listened to his voice on the Desire2Learn video tutorials on the Teaching Commons website.

To RSVP, please visit the Technology Tuesdays webpage. When registering, please use the “Notes” field to pose specific questions or user scenarios that you would like answered during the session.


Date: Tuesday November 29
Time: 9:30-10:30 a.m.
Location: DPC 7406 (seventh floor of the DePaul Center)

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