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Web>clickers and i>clickers

Just wanted to share this, as the a request for Web>clickers is starting to bubble up. The university has equipped the majority of classrooms with i>clicker base stations, which work with traditional i>clickers. Some students are starting to consider using Web>clickers, which allow voting with a smartphones or laptop instead of a physical i>clicker. Properly configured, the Web>clickers can work with the physical i>clickers in the same classroom.

The Web>clickers have specific requirements, and for these reasons are currently not supported:

  • WiFi is required, and this is not as reliable as using the physical i>clicker
  • Base stations must be configured appropriately

One reason to configure a classroom to work with both Web>clickers and i>clickers would be support students with disabilities, but at the moment the university is not supporting Web>clickers.
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