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Allotting Class Time For Online Teaching Evaluations

Message from Dan Heiser about allotting class time for online teaching evaluations:

As you finalize your syllabi for the Fall quarter, you should consider including a paragraph covering the course’s online teaching evaluations, including potentially setting aside time in your schedule for students to use their mobile phones to complete the evaluations during scheduled class time. Here is the Faculty Council approved guidance on the topic:

“Instructors teaching face-to-face classes may allow students to perform course evaluations during class time, at any moment throughout the designated evaluation period, or instructors may choose to let students complete evaluations on their own time, outside of class. An instructor who chooses to allow evaluations to take place during class time should:

  • Communicate in advance to students the day in which evaluations will be conducted, in order to allow students to plan for access to a mobile device. Ideally this information should be contained in the course syllabus;
  • Allow sufficient time to complete the evaluation;
  • Leave the room while students are completing the evaluations, in order to protect anonymity;
  • Encourage students without a mobile device to find a publicly available DePaul computer to complete the evaluations at the same time as their peers

In the interest of eliminating potential bias in the results, instructors should not offer incentives of any kind to students for completing the evaluations.

Your cooperation in allowing students in face-to-face courses to fill out evaluations in class will help provide more complete feedback to you and your academic unit.”

The operating assumption is that your response rates (and measurement accuracy) will increase if you allow students class time to complete the online teaching evaluations.

Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods & Analysis

Dan Heiser sent out this update to College of Business faculty and staff:

The College of Business is now a subscriber to CARMA, the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods & Analysis. CARMA, a non-profit unit at the University of North Dakota, is an interdisciplinary consortium devoted to helping faculty, graduate students and professionals learn of current developments in various areas of research methods and statistics. CARMA’s goals are to:

  • To provide continuing education on research methods and data analysis (introductory to advanced level topics) for graduate students, faculty at various stages of their careers, and professionals
  • To serve as a resource for those who teach research methods and data analysis
  • To foster a sense of community among organizational scholars in research methods

To gain access to the video library, you must register with your DePaul e-mail address at: The college’s subscription covers everyone with a DePaul email address (they just have to register). Please feel free to share this information with your students & DePaul colleagues in other colleges.

AACSB International: Business Faculty in the Land of the MOOCS

Business Faculty Involved in MOOC Provision

Dan Heiser shared this AACSB International post with me (Business Faculty in the Land of the MOOCS). Although the post is from December of 2013, it is worth a read....

The complete article is here.

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