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DePaul Apple Support

Information Services recently sent out this update for Apple users at DePaul:

Under the Apple Self-Service Program, an upgraded level of Apple hardware support is now available to staff and faculty with DePaul-owned Apple computers that have a current AppleCare warranty agreement and run an OS X operating system. Information Services technicians are now able to provide onsite support for hardware issues that would have previously required an Apple store visit.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Onsite Apple-certified diagnostic testing and troubleshooting for OS X devices
  • Support for any Desktop or Laptop under a current AppleCare warranty agreement with an OS X operating system
  • Faster repair/replacement service on defective original hardware
  • Replacement of faulty Hard Drives, Memory, Keyboards, Trackpads, Mice, Displays, and more

At this particular time iOS devices are not supported.

No special action is required on your part to utilize this program - any Apple hardware that meets the criteria above will automatically be covered.
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