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Windows Virtual Lab Documentation

Information Services has created new documentation for the new Windows Virtual Lab:

  • KB0010985 - DePaul Virtual Lab: Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • KB0010976 - DePaul Virtual Lab: Windows Virtual Desktop Frequently Asked Questions
  • KB0011010 - DePaul Virtual Lab: Connecting using Windows Desktop Client
  • KB0011013 - DePaul Virtual Lab: Connecting using macOS Client
  • KB0010981 - DePaul Virtual Lab: OneDrive Sign in KB
  • KB0011008 - DePaul Virtual Lab: macOS Folder Redirection Setup KB

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Information Services is planning to launch Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) as the primary Virtual Lab solution, eventually replacing Apporto. Apporto will still be available during the full Winter Quarter, but Information Services is planning to retire Apporto at the end of Winter Quarter. The decision to move away from Apporto was made due to support concerns and licensing constraints. Until it is retired Apporto will keep most applications, however all Microsoft products (e.g. Access, Project, and Visio) will be removed from Apporto due to licensing constraints.

An overview of the new Windows Virtual Desktop service, including access instructions and software titles available can be found here.

Remote Computer Lab Access (Virtual Labs)

DePaul's Information Services sent out this message this week:

"Information Services is pleased to announce the launch of DePaul's Virtual Lab service, which offers convenient remote access to some of the software applications that were previously only available in DePaul's physical computer labs.  You can access the Virtual Lab on- or off-campus from your personal computer running Windows or Mac OS.

To log in, and for more information on how to open, save, print, and access files from within the Virtual Lab environment, please visit

Initially, Maple 17, Minitab 17, R for Windows 3.1.1, SAS 9.4, and SPSS Statistics 21 are available in the Virtual Lab.  Over time, Information Services will add more software applications to the Virtual Lab.  Due to licensing constraints, we are unable to offer all physical computer lab software in the Virtual Lab.  In particular, Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite will be unavailable; however, enrolled students may obtain Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free and can purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for a small fee.  Visit and choose "Software for Personal Computers" to get started."
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