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Blogging for Faculty - Useful Links

Denise Nitterhouse shared some great links with me after the “Blogging for FacultyTechnology Tuesday session. I thought I would recirculate them here:

Mark Sample, in the Chronicle of Higher Education, asks the question “Are you sick of reading your student's blogs?” to provoke a conversation on the best way of using blogs in the classroom.

He shares his experience of experimenting with structure, rhythms, and roles. Faculty considering blogging will find these approaches very helpful (along with the commentary at the end of the post)

On Inside Higher Ed, Lanny Arvan shares her experience of teaching with students blogs, and anxiety on how FERPA impacts the process. She, like I, suggests that students post anonymously (or at least consider their options carefully before creating a presence in the blogosphere). There are some great links to follow in the article.

Lastly, Bob Jensen at Trinity University has a series of links to explore.
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