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I received two separate faculty enquires about Tableau use at DePaul this week, so thought I would share information for other faculty interested in teaching with the software. Thank you to my colleagues in Information Services for providing additional information.

Faculty can apply for the Tableau for Teaching program here:

When accepted, faculty and students have access to the software

Full-time students can get a student license by applying here:

As far as enterprise arrangements, there are report reader licenses and report writer licenses. Our Tableau enterprise report reader license for DePaul allows everyone working here to view Tableau reports that are published privately for DePaul. Report writer licenses can be had on a named user basis in the region of $1,500 each.

Tableau public is a free version of the report writer license, but it comes with a couple caveats like limitations to the number of rows of data it will handle, and any reports you publish, and any data they contain become public domain and freely available on the Tableau website.

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