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A Farewell to Windows XP


DePaul’s Information Services has sent out this message to all (still) running Windows XP:

Thank you for all your assistance coordinating the removal of Windows XP computers from your department. We have finally come to the end of the road. As previously communicated, it is critical that all University workstations are moved off the Windows XP operating system by April 1, 2014. While we have been encouraging everyone to migrate any capable workstations to the Windows 7 operating system, and replace older computers that are not capable of running Windows 7, there seem to be some Windows XP workstations scattered about. This email describes how we will be disabling their use in order to protect the DePaul computing environment.

On Tuesday, April 1st, Internet access will be restricted on remaining XP workstations and users will only be able to access the Windows 7 migration tool and the U & W network drives from these workstations. The desktop backgrounds will be updated to a bright yellow on April 1st to further notify users of these restrictions.

On Monday, April 7th, any computer still running Windows XP will no longer be allowed access to the DePaul network or accept logins. If a user needs data off an XP workstation after this date, they will be advised to contact the TSC for support. Users will be required to provide their own local storage media such as a thumb drive or portable hard drive. Once this requirement has been met, a technician can be deployed to allow the user access to the computer in order to copy data from the computer to the portable media. After this point, the machine should be sent to Procurement Services for salvage


To determine if a workstation or laptop is capable of running Windows 7, or to schedule an upgrade to Windows 7 on any of the 'capable' workstations above, please log into the specific Windows XP workstation in question as an administrative user, and visit (Note that you can also access this resource by going to the main IS web site ( and clicking "Services"->"Computers"->Windows 7 (Under Operating System Support).) This tool will assist you in scheduling a memory upgrade (if needed), a Windows XP to Windows 7 migration (if capable), or identify that the workstation cannot be upgraded and will need to be retired or replaced.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Technical Support Center at +1 (312) 362-8765.

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