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Update: Vincentian Poverty Initiative

Denise Mattson shared this update on the Vincentian poverty initiative:

Success statistics: To date, we have raised $36,600, which was matched by the Vincentians to make $73,200 available to enroll 48 Haitian families living in poverty in a program that will empower them with the tools they need to transform their lives. It’s the epitome of the “systemic change” approach to alleviating poverty that Vincent advocated.

What’s left to do? Our goal was to raise $100K that would be matched by the Vincentians for a total of $200K to support the enrollment of 133 families. Haitian families in the program average 7 people, so if we reach our goal, we’ll play a role in lifting about 931 people out of poverty. Most of these people are children who currently are not in school and who will enroll for the first time in their lives.

The program runs through midnight Dec. 27th so please feel free to post now on any appropriate pages and maybe again a week before the program ends—personal pages are OK too.

48 Haitian families are on a path out of poverty due to the generosity of people in the DePaul community and around the world who are supporting a Vincentian effort to aid the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation.
Make a donation of $25 or more & get it matched.
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