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Tech Tuesdays: How Students Cheat with Technology

Tech Tuesday

The next Technology Tuesdays session will take place on the 30th August from 10-11 a.m. in DPC 7406 (seventh floor of the DePaul Center)

Technology can be a boon to educators, extending the reach and productivity of effective professors. However, there are various technological solutions that can be abused by students to cheat on assignments and high-stakes testing. In this engaging and hands-on session you will be introduced to some of the gadgets, websites and software that can be used by the less-than-ethical students. Methods that professors can use to protect the integrity of their teaching will be presented.

Some of the examples presented include:

  • “Spy” pens and wristwatches with hidden cameras and microphones
  • Software and website that creates corrupt Office documents
  • Sites where students pay others to write papers
  • How Desire2Learn can highlight examples of plagiarism.
  • How online exams can be secured

For more information, and to RSVP please visit this page.

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