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Online Teaching Evaluation Questions

At the end of each course in the College of Business, students are provided with the opportunity to evaluate the course. Course evaluations provide valuable feedback that can improve teaching and learning. The greater the level of participation, the more useful the results. Students are in the unique position to view the instructor over time. Their comments about what works and what doesn’t can help faculty build on the elements of the course that are strong, and improve those that are weak. Isolated comments from students and instructors’ peers may also be helpful, but evaluation results based on high response rates may be statistically reliable (believable).

Honest opinions about the student experience help improve some components of the course for the next group of students. Positive comments also show the department chairs and college deans the commitment of instructors to the university. These teaching evaluation results are one component used in annual performance reviews (including salary raises and promotion/tenure). The evaluation of the instructor and course provides students an opportunity to make their voice heard on an important issue – the quality of teaching at DePaul.

Currently, these are the evaluation questions a student will be presented with at the end of a course:

  1. Given your experience at DePaul, rate the overall quality of the course.
  2. Given your experience at DePaul, rate the instructor's overall teaching effectiveness.
  3. This course increased my knowledge or skills.
  4. I found this course to be:
  5. The instructor stimulated interest in the subject.
  6. The instructor explained course material and objectives clearly and concisely.
  7. The instructor related course material to business and other real world contexts.
  8. The instructor was well prepared for class.
  9. The instructor scheduled assignments(including class activities, readings, homework, quizzes, test, projects) that were related to the course.
  10. The instructor was accessible to me through office hours, appointments, e-mail, and/or telephone.
  11. The instructor was on time and met all scheduled classes.

For online courses, the five questions below are also included:

  1. I was able to easily navigate the Desire2Learn site to find course materials and assignments for the on-line class.
  2. The online class allowed me to manage my time well.
  3. The online class was free of technical problems.
  4. The online materials I used in this class helped me learn.
  5. I would recommend this online class to others.
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