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Zoom: Sharing Slides As a Virtual Background

Zoom has a very useful feature for presenting that shares slides as a Virtual Background. Here, slide content from a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation appears behind the talking head of the presenter. This works very well for crafting engaging live content. Unfortunately, this is not yet a way to craft engaging prerecorded videos – the Zoom recordings of the shared screen do not include the video of the presenter that you see in the live session.

A workaround is to use screen recording software like Panopto, Screenflow, Camtasia, or QuickTime to record the Zoom shared screen. However, Screenflow and Camtasia have the ability to make a greenscreen transparent – so you would be better off just bypassing Zoom if you have those particular programs.

If you are interested in using the Zoom/Panopto workaround, you can follow my instructions at the borrow of the page here.
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